Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Empire Electric's zany fee structure!

I recently viewed the back of a recent Electric bill from Empire just to take a gander at the detail and was flummoxed when I noted that one item, the 'Energy Efficiency Program Cost' amounted to over three dollars. I was confused about this and so Googled it. Very quickly, I discovered an article posted by the Joplin Globe - 'Empire seeks to recover costs of offering efficiency programs!'it went into some detail, but the bottom line was that statement by an attorney that stated,' It's very simple. The company wants you to pay for the revenue they will lose if you save energy.' 

So, if you took advantage of the $500 rebate and spent $5000 to install an energy efficient Central AC system, you will still be paying for it vs-a-vis the new fees. And if you could not afford a more energy efficient system, well, you still will pay for it! How neat is that for a company owned by a Canadian concern!

Perhaps this is just the tip of a growing fee(d) me effort. I'd bet in a few years we may well see even more added fees like;

High Tower Alignment Fee
Cross Town Emergency Fee
Low Efficiency Energy Fee
Uncle Bob's Retirement Program
Employee of the Month Program
Stick It in UR Arse Program

Well, you get the picture...

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