Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hydroplane Boat Race in Rockaway Beach Mo.

Check out the video here!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Charlie's Breakfast Rating

In a previous report, I mentioned my desire to critique Charlie’s Steak Ribs and Ale in Forsyth Missouri. It was a Monday and had slept in late so I missed the morning breakfast crowd. On arrival, I elected to sit at the bar and have my lunch there. I was immediately acknowledged by the server, Dianna. She took my order for a coffee and a virgin Mary to be followed by the steak and eggs platter. The drinks were excellent and the food was served promptly (within ten minutes) and the overall presentation was good. When I ordered I was given a choice of rare medium rare and well done. The steak was a little more done than I would consider medium well but was tasty none the less. The hash browns were done with a slight crunch and the eggs were sunny side up and done to perfection. Following are my scores for this visit:

Quality of service (1= I’ve been mugged & assaulted to a 10 = I want to put my waitress in my will!) On this visit I gave them an 8.
Quality of the food (1= I’m poisoned, call 911 to a 10 = I’m in heaven, so leave me alone!) A slight demerit for the steak, but overall the food was a solid 9.
Overall eating experience (1= A toxic cesspool to a 10 = I’m setting up my bed in the back!) The restaurant was quiet, clean and I felt comfortable being there. For this visit I gave them a 9 rating.

So, overall the score was in the low end of the excellent or what I would call the ‘Happy Camper’ range.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Breakfast at Charlie’s in Forsyth Mo.

Charlie’s Steak, Ribs and Ale is a restaurant located in Forsyth Missouri. It’s been in operation for over a couple of years now and is located close to the intersection of Hwy 160 and Y Hwy. I’ve had occasion to eat there a number of times (all pleasant experiences) and will admit to frequenting the full service bar which is a nice place to stop for a cool libation on a hot day. (Say hi to Brandy if you do stop by)!

In recent months, Charlie’s has begun offering a varied breakfast menu, and I thought it might be fun to see just how good their breakfast fare is. (Before reading any more, please understand that this eatery has already been recommended by many of my discerning friends). (Note: this report is not meant to be scientific,  it's the thoughts of just a local stopping in for some food and atmosphere).

My plan is do this early on Monday, May 24th. On that date, I had decided to try out the Steak N Eggs which includes an 8 oz hand cut sirloin, 2 eggs hash browns and a choice of bread. A seeming bargain at only $7.99. I felt for the purpose of this blog entry, I wanted to quantify this eating experience a bit, so I came up with three subjective criteria:

Quality of service (1= I’ve been mugged & assaulted to a 10 = I want to put my waitress in my will!)
Quality of the food (1= I’m poisoned, call 911 to a 10 = I’m in heaven, so leave me alone!)
Overall eating experience (1= A toxic cesspool to a 10 = I’m setting up my bed in the back!)

So, that is what I wanted to go with. Just those three criteria. (As I mentioned, while this may not be very scientific, I hope to impart something of worth). You might note that I shied away from rating the cost of the meal, as I’ve always felt you get what you pay for. (If you want cheap eats, then head for to a fast food hook me up). I'll now cover some thoughts on each category.

Quality of Service - In my mind good service is just what it says. When you enter a place that serves food, you expect to be shown to a table promptly and then you expect your serving professional to be just that, a professional. Someone who is on top of all the specials and who looks neat and who makes your eating experience a pleasure.

Quality of food - This category is of utmost important to me. If the food is of poor quality or is not cooked properly (or is moving), then everything else is quickly forgotten. I'm not looking so much for quantity as I am quality.

Overall experience - This is a sort of catchall category. It encompasses a lot of little things like the atmosphere, ambiance and yes, even the smell of the establishment. If it's a venue that you feel you want to go back to again, then it should score at least a 20 or so.

As of May 2012, they are still in business and doing quite well. I have been a regular customer there for some time now and can attest to the food and beverages!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Rockaway Beach Hydroplane 2010

The hydroplane races are scheduled for June 5th and 6th this year and information is available by calling 417-561-4280. These races are a sure good time assuming the weather holds. I hope to attend and get some great video footage which will be aired on YouTube on the Danomanno Channel.

See you all there!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Forsyth Missouri VFW Swap Meet

Forsyth to Host Citywide Garage Sale Saturday, May 8th

Every year about this time the City of Forsyth, Missouri sponsors a massive garage sales for both businesses and citizens alike. There will be portable tables springing up all up and down Highway 160 each piled high with all sorts of merchandise for sale. This is  great opportunity for everyone to get out and find that perfect bargain while catching up on local gossip at the same time.

Sully's Restaurant Closed

What used to be called The Long Horn Restaurant located across from Fat Daddy’s its now Sully’s Old Fashioned Family Restaurant and is under new management. Scheduled to open on or around the 12th of May. The new owner is a gentleman by the name of  Kenny and the establishment's hours will be from 6AM to 7PM seven days a week with an earlier closing at 3PM on Sundays.

Expect great fair with an emphasis on Country Fried Steak and Chicken. This is a family owned establishment with over twelve years of experience behind them and I plan to eat there shortly after they open. Too bad this eatery did not make it and closed in early 2011.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Spam Alert – Bogus Checks Via UPS

It’s a great day when the UPS truck pulls up into your driveway with a small envelope that contains a single money order to the tune of $750! No note, just a postal check for money, but from who? That was the question I also had in my mind.

So, I did some checking. I started by calling the company that was listed as the address from which this bundle of joy had been sent. I quickly discovered it is a scam! What a surprise! As you can see, the check looks real doesn’t it? But alas, I quickly discovered that if I were to cash it, I would find it to be bogus. So how does the scam work?

Well, I’m supposed to be receiving an Email telling me to send part of the money to another location. I would then find out later on that the postal order was indeed bogus and that my bank would like to have a talk with me. Later on it might be the postal authorities or FBI.

Moral of the story. If you get money in the mail you did not earn, contact the authorities and give your bank a heads up. These scams often come from overseas as part of a world wide effort to bring America down.

Shadow Rock Park in Forsyth Missouri

Right across the Bull Shoals River from River Run Park is the great recreation site of Shadow Rock Park that features many of the same amenities as River Run but with a different slant. For one thing the campsites are much closer together which is great if you have a large group outing planned. The park itself is cut in half by Highway 160 with picnic tables, tennis courts and a playground on one side and the camping area on the other. Also, on the camping side can be found a public event area that features a small rodeo, band shell and baseball park. During the summer many different kinds of events are held there including swap meets, craft shows, horse events and even demolition derbies.

Shadow Rock Park used to be the site of the original town of Forsyth and back in the Civil War years this location was the site of a struggle between Union and Confederate forces. A short battle was even fought on these grounds with Union artillery stationed on the high ridge that overlooks the park area proper. The town was burned to the ground, then rebuilt and then eventually moved to higher ground in the 1900’s after new dams in the area caused periodic flooding. Today, it is a great spot to come to relax and get away from it all. Information about the park can be obtained by calling (417) 546-2876.

River Run Park in Forsyth Missouri 2010

After a couple of seasons when River Run Park was closed due to flooding, it’s now back in operation and doing business down here in southwestern Missouri. On a beautiful day in early May, I packed my lunch and went to the park for an informal picnic. As I sat by the rivers edge, I noted workmen who were busy replacing large metal canopies that had been lost in the previous flood. I was very pleased to see that even though these are still shaky times economically, the Core of Engineers are still maintaining this gem of a recreational area.

There is an interactive map available on the internet for anyone interested in coming down for a stay at one of the many campsites that are available here. The park can handle anything from large RV’s down to simple tents with fees that run about $18 per night. Most of the sites are improved with access to water and electricity. Other amenities include: a boat launch ramp, dump station, flush toilet, playground, bike and trail access and showers. Additional information can be obtained by calling (417) 546-3646.