Monday, May 8, 2017

Peggy's Park Place offers affordable spirits and wine!

Forsyth Mo.- If you live near Forsyth Missouri or commute to Hollister or Branson via Hwy 160 and 76 - Then you will likely go by Peggy's Park Place quite often. The well stocked convenience store has been in operation for many years, and it a nice place to shop for those 'must have' necessities in life. (In my case, that'd be beer, snacks and or wine depending on my mood).

The good thing about the liquor offered at this location near the tree way intersection of Hwy 160 and 76 by the Bull Shoals bridge, is that their prices are as good as or better than most of the other stores in the area! That why I've made Peggy's a regular stop whenever I'm thirsty or hungry as they also have a great Deli that serves up sandwiches!

On this particular afternoon, when I stopped, the lovely Tiffany Williams was working. Not only is she smart as a whip, but Tiffany is also well versed in being able to help offer directions to people from out of town who might be vacationing and are lost.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Two area parks closed for the season!

View of Shadow Rock Park from Hwy 160!

 Forsyth MO. – Two very popular parks located near Forsyth MO became flooded late in April and are likely to remain closed for the balance of the year!

Heavy rains, once again fell over much of southwest Missouri as the Gulf of Mexico opened back up with a vengeance. And, whenever a lot of rain fall in a short time, the series of reservoirs that constitute Beaver, Table Rock and Bull Shoals get backed up. This will have a bad overall effect on many businesses that count on the extra income that summertime vacationers bring. One business, in particular, is a convenience store called Peggy's Park Place. Please be sure to go there and to support her at this time of need!This is a start up business and is all about what we are all about! Also impacted in a negative way will be the City of Forsyth that gets income from one of the parks directly.

So, if you're thinking of coming down to stay at either Shadow Rock or River Run Parks, make sure to check with the Corps of Engineers first!

Hong Kong Express now delivers!

Forsyth MO - A new business called Hon Kong Express is now doing home delivery! You can see their menu here!