Friday, July 30, 2010

Missouri's Proposition C is not about Health Care Choices!

Proposition C is more accurately about state sovereignty and it’s about time in my opinion. (Strange that a state like Missouri would choose to take on the Federal government in this manner, but more power to them). So, how is this measure actually a challenge to Federal oversight?

Proposition C proposes the following:

Shall the Missouri Statutes be amended to:

Deny the government authority to penalize citizens for refusing to purchase private health insurance or infringe upon the right to offer or accept direct payment for lawful healthcare services?

Modify laws regarding the liquidation of certain domestic insurance companies?”

There it is in essence anyway. It basically tells the government to go shove it in terms of forcing citizens to buy something against their will. Nowhere in the Constitution does it state you must purchase a 'product' in order to be a citizen. 

This measure is expected to be heartily endorsed statewide on August the third. And, as its passage will come into direct conflict with existing Federal law. It will immediately be challenged in the higher courts… which is exactly what the State of Missouri desires. (a moment for applause)

I only hope that the other states jump in on this issue. The fight will no doubt go on and on until the people of this country finally get tired of the loss of states rights and declare what has always been in their power to declare...the repeal of Amendment 17.


Amendment XVII (the Seventeenth Amendment) of the United States Constitution was passed by the Senate on June 12, 1911 and by the House on May 13, 1912. It was ratified on April 8, 1913 and was first put into effect for the election of 1914. It amends Article 1 Section 3 of the Constitution to provide for the direct election of Senators by the people of a state rather than their election or appointment by a state legislature, thus effectively eliminating state representation in Congress. It was passed and ratified during the Progressive Era.

This masterful stroke of the pen enabled anyone (individual, corporation or others) with enough money to support a chosen candidate and then buy the election. Prior to this, the individual state legislatures picked and then watched like a hawk Representatives and Senators that went to Capitol Hill. If these folks did not act in the best interest of the state from which they came, they were given the boot after their term was up. As things are today, most of Congress is in the back pockets of Special Interest groups not the people.

CV-22 Osprey warplane overhead in Forsyth Missouri

The Libertarian and Constitution Party Ballots

While it may seem that come the Primary elections being held on August the 3rd are concerned with only two parties that is not quite the whole story. There are two other groups running as well; the Libertarians and the Constitution Party. Each of these has a position that may or may not better represent a voter’s point of view. I would ask however, that in the interest of fairness, the voting public also please check out the following fine individuals:

Libertarian Party Ballot

For US Senator

For State Auditor

For U.S. Representative District 7

For U.S. Representative District 8

For State Representative District 142

Constitution Party Ballot

For U.S. Senator

Nine Republican Candidates running for the U.S. Senate Primary

We seem to have a large number of Republican candidates running for the U.S. Senate down here in District  29 which includes the counties of Lawrence, McDonald, Barry, Stone, Taney and Ozark. I thought it might be instructional to post a short recap on each. Please advise me of any errors or omissions. Just please remember to vote August 3rd.

Bob Praprotnik is a Reagan conservative from St. Louis who owns a small business and has over 20 years experience in the architecture industry. He is running because he believes "that freedom is being destroyed and the Constitution is being ignored completely by the Obama administration." Praprotnik thinks that taxes should be reduced to ensure job growth and business development and is opposed to the current spending by Congress. Government rules and regulations should be revised to allow for less taxation and more money to the people. For health care, he would like to allow insurance companies to cross state lines and to revise malpractice costs. On immigration, Praprotnik would like to enable illegal immigrants to become legal through the proper paperwork and processes.

Hector Maldonado left active duty in order to run for senate. He has 15 years experience in the United States Army and has been deployed to Iraq. He became a U.S citizen in 1995. Originally born in Mexico and now residing in Sullivan, Mo., Maldonado is against swift amnesty as a solution to immigration. He believes that we need to first, secure the borders and then, work with illegal’s who are already in the country. He also thinks that government needs to be more careful about work visas in order to ensure that jobs aren't given away to immigrants that should be given to American citizens. Maldonado is also against government mandated health insurance and is also for allowing insurance companies to cross state lines. He is for small business and cutting taxes.

Kristi Nichols is from Lee's Summit, Mo., but currently resides in Kansas City, Mo. Nichols has worked in the airline industry for over 20 years and served on a special assignment in Operation Iraqi Freedom. She is a Tea Party organizer and a strong conservative, supportive of lower taxes and cutting spending on congressional "earmark" projects. Nichols also wants to increase choice and competitiveness in the health care industry and also supports expansion of the Health Savings Accounts, which allows people to save money for medical expenses tax-free. She is a member of the National Rifle Association and for second amendment rights. She is also against granting amnesty to illegal immigrants and wants to ensure that current immigration laws are upheld before making improvements on the current system.

Deborah Solomon is from Independence, Mo. and is running as an Abraham Lincoln center right Republican. She has a home-based marketing business and has been a substitute teacher in several school districts. For health care reform, Solomon wants to encourage community health centers to provide the primary services necessary. She also wants to put in a balanced budget amendment in order to avoid future federal deficits and wasteful spending. On immigration reform, Solomon wants to secure our borders and to create a fair process so illegal immigrants can become legalized. She's also pro-life and a supporter of the citizen's right to own a gun. She is a graduate of Central Bible College in Springfield, Mo., and Mid-America Nazarene University in Olathe, Kan.
Davis Conway was born in St. Louis and currently resides in St. Peters, Mo. He is president of Affinity Electrical Contracting and got a degree from Rankin Technical School. Conway wants smaller government and thinks the government is currently too large and uncontrollable. He thinks that "it is full of needless jobs, agencies, and policy solely for the benefit of gaining votes, employing friends and family, hiding money and paybacks." He would like the government out of the education system and out of our pockets. He also thinks that we ought to do more to enforce current immigration laws. Conway is also against unions, as they have too much power and are taking away money, jobs and resources away from small business. He is also a member of the National Rifle Association and a life member of Mensa.

Roy Blunt was born in Niangua, Mo. and currently resides in Springfield, Mo. He became Missouri's Secretary of State in 1984 and was president of Southwest Baptist University for four years. Blunt has also been a U.S representative since 1996. He has several solutions in mind for health care reform, including enhancing health information technology, allowing insurance companies to cross state lines, and expanding health coverage for small businesses. On the economy, Blunt wants to control government spending and also supports a balanced budget amendment. He also wants to restore checks and balances and to give education funding and control back to the states. Blunt also has a 100 percent rating from National Right to Life and the National Rifle Association.  He has received the highest award from the Chamber of Commerce and National Federation of Independent Business.

Mike Vontz is from Lake St. Louis, Mo. and sees our deficit spending as our nation's greatest problem. To cut spending, Vontz wants to reduce the salaries and benefits for legislators. He is also against the bipartisan commission set up to investigate what needs to be cut from the budget and want to lower taxes. Vontz also thinks that we need to do everything possible to stop illegal immigration and to come up with an identification system for potential alien workers into the country. He is against term limits for legislators. Though pro-life, Vontz is against outlawing abortion entirely, as it doesn't seem feasible to imprison doctors and young women for murder if an abortion were to take place. He is supportive of legislating an informed decision for the mother and for outlawing abortions up to a certain point in pregnancy.

Chuck Purgason represents the 33rd District in the Missouri Senate, which includes Camden, Howell, Laclede, Oregon, Shannon, Texas and Wright counties. Elected to the Missouri Senate in 2004 and re-elected in 2008, Sen. Purgason previously served in the Missouri House of Representatives from 1996 through 2004. He is against the goernment mandating the purchase of health insurance and was instrumental in getting Proposition C on the August ballot. Purgason is in support of building a fence along the border and securing that border. He also believes in eliminating the Department of Education and returning the role of education back to the states. Purgason is also the founder and owner of Ozark Wings Hatchery and Hunting Preserve.

Tony Laszacs currently resides in Waynesville, Mo. and spent over 20 years in the U.S Army. He currently works at a nonprofit research and development organization that predominantly provides technical expertise for the U.S government. Laszacs thinks that educators need to be the ones designing curriculum and evaluating instruction practices and that government standardization methods have done more harm than good. He also thinks that taxes need to be reduced in order to balance the federal budget and to cut spending. This would also help create jobs because lower taxes help small businesses and investors. He also thinks that we need to cut wasteful programs and fraudulent spending. Laszacs has a bachelor's degree in law enforcement and has experience preparing communities against terrorism.

Taney County sewer district changes policy!

The Taney Regional Sewer District announced changes in the amounts that customers will have to put down for security deposits. As of July 2010, residential customers will be required to now pay a $100 deposit while commercial accounts will be raised to $200.

The reason cited for this change was due, in part, to a significant number of customers who have become delinquent on the bills. In June, 225 late notices went out from a billing base of 2, 018. (That works out to just over 11 percent). Right now residential customers must pay $32.88 per month.

According to John Soutee, the Sewer District Administrator, they will be pursuing a water shutoff agreement with local water companies in the event a customer refuses to pay for the sewer service.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park in Forsyth

What was called Shoals Bend RV Resort has changed its name. The family owned and operated park is located at 11020 St. Hwy 76 in Forsyth Missouri. The entrance is about two miles to the south of the bridge that crosses Bull Shoals. They offer full RV hookups, rental cottages, wireless internet and a nice swimming pool. For information, they can be reached at 417-546-3000 or you can email them at Their web site is at

Mailbox-it in Forsyth Missouri

Mailbox-it is a full service parcel and print center located in a strip mall at 15796 US Hwy 160, right across from Peoples Bank in Forsyth Missouri. It represents a one stop location for FedEx and US mail with everything you might need in the way packaging containers big and small. Owned and operated by Donald and Bette Helm since 2001, Mailbox-it is also a US Cellular phone center, has office supplies and even does graphic design. For information, they can be reached at 417 546-7706 or via email at

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Tire Crew in Forsyth Missouri

The Tire Crew located at 13159 US Hwy 160 (just past H Hwy on 160) in Forsyth Missouri recently opened for business. Yes, they have tires and lots of them. I stopped there after seeing a cluster of three buildings that seemed to spring up from nowhere! The full service tire center is modern and busy!

From the signs I could see on the other buildings, there will also be a used car (Shelby's Auto) and motorcycle (Thunder Road) dealership located close by. Wow! (There are also rumors of yet a fourth business, but I haven’t confirmed anything yet). Please stop in and say hi to these folks and make them feel welcome!

The Tire Crew is managed by a gentleman named Steve Minard and their hours are currently Monday thru Friday 8AM to 6PM and Saturdays 8AM to 12PM. They are closed on Sundays. You can call  for information or to make an appointment at 417-546-7433.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Post Office in Forsyth has a passport service!

It was with some surprise that I learned that the Post Office in Forsyth Missouri also is the place to go and get a passport book or card. I went in there with my sister in July to apply for a book as opposed to a card. It seems a passport card is only good for countries you can drive to. The book is for countries that you want to go to by air. That’s how it was explained to me anyway. The cost for the book was $150 and you will need to bring the following two ID’s; a birth certificate with raised lettering and a drivers license or state ID card.

The paperwork consists of filling out a DS-11 form which asks basic questions including information pertaining to your parent place of birth and date of birth. So, make sure you have this with you. The office is also able to take your picture or you may bring your own if you follow the instructions found in the DS-11 form.

The whole process takes no more than ten minutes or so. One thing that did surprise me is that your birth certificate is sent with the paperwork to the State Department. I was told it would come back, under separate cover, about the same time they send your passport. This process generally takes five to six weeks.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

June 2010 was a record hot and dry month in SW Missouri!

June felt more like July or August in most of Missouri, rainfall was also on the very low side with my rain gauge measuring only about 1.69 inches.
Pat Guinan, a climatologist with the Missouri University Agriculture Program stated that June temperatures throughout the state were four to six degrees above average, making it the hottest June on record since 1957. Here in Forsyth, I measured a mean temperature of 78F. which was four degrees hotter than average.

On addition, the lack of good rainfall for many parts of southern Missouri boded ill for many crops including potatoes, rice and cotton. Some farmers are reporting that they are losing crops due to extreme heat with no rain. Only those with good irrigation systems are making do. Some areas have gone more than a month without a drop of rain. Here in Forsyth, I measured 1.69 inches of rain against an average of 4.3 inches (average rainfall  for West Plains).

BBQ was excellent at the Forsyth Fun Day event!

I think the heat definitely played a factor in what seemed was a lower than last year. Temperatures in the low nineties combined with very high humidity forced many to find what shade they could. The large trees to the right of the stage proved to be a popular spot for many in attendance.

In spite of the heat, the BBQ was excellent as competitors worked hard to come up with the best tasting recipes to be found anywhere. Just check out the picture of ribs! Now that's good eating! Boy, I’ll tell you, it’s hard to beat perfection, but these folks came pretty close!

While I could not stay long enough to hear who won the BBQ contest, for me it didn’t really matter. Personally, I would award ribbons to all the contestants who spent the long hours and braved high heat to bring such good tasting food to people like myself.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Boys & Girls Club Indoor Garage Sale on August 14

The Boys and Girls Club of the Ozarks will be sponsoring a ‘Junk in the Trunk’ Fair on Saturday, August 14th for anyone who would like to secure a vendor booth for $25. This is an INDOOR garage sale so hopefully the weather and heat will not be a concern.

The event will be held at the Forsyth Boys & Girls Club located at 501 Panther Rd. in Forsyth Missouri. For any questions of for directions, call Nathaniel Leech at 417-546-6299.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Iphone 4G quick fix

After Consumer Reports found that the IPhone 4G does in fact have a design flaw with its built in antenna, they also offered a solution of sorts. This would be to take a small length of non-conductive tape (duct tape?) and affixing it over the small gap along the bottom left edge of the phone. They found that this 'quick fix' will eliminate some of the problems with line dropout.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

On Tipping and Sonic

One of the favorite fast food venues that my dad enjoyed before passing away in 2008 was to go to Sonics’ in Forsyth Missouri so we could sit in our car and enjoy a Sonic Berger and fries. This became a weekly ritual and I still carry on the tradition myself once in a while, diet permitting. The service there has always been extremely prompt and the carhops would always check back to make sure everything was satisfactory. The service they render is every bit as good as what I might receive at a sit down restaurant. So, it was with some surprise that I’ve recently learned that many people do not see fit to tip these hard working guys and gals. One server informed me that she made only three dollars in tips after working six hours. Now, it true that they do make a base wage, but I understand it’s a wage that is close to the minimum wage and so they depend on tips to make up the difference.

Now, I’m not writing about this to chide anyone on the paying of tips, but rather to ask that we take a moment to consider paying fairly for services rendered. Car-hopping is arduous at best and a plain downright challenge in nasty weather. Sonic, as matter of company policy, will not advertise that you can tip the carhops so it’s up to everyone to spread the word.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Shadowrock Park In Forsyth Missouri

Not many parks in Missouri have the history like that of Shadowrock. At times it has been the location of the town of Forsyth before dams up river forced it to relocate up the hill a couple of miles. During the Civil War, a brief battle was fought as Union troops bombarded the Court House as Confederates briefly held the position.

Today, the park which is neatly divided in half by Highway 160 has all manner of attractions including; tennis courts, playgrounds, a ball park, Rodeo and even places to camp and picnic. One section, close to the Bull Shoals River, has full RV hookups. If the park gets too full, there is another right across the bridge called River Run which can accommodate RV’s and tent campers.

Adding to the appeal of this recreational Park are numerous events held during the summer months. These include Car Shows, motorcycle swap meets, County Fairs, Demolition Derbies and cardboard boat races to name a few. As a matter of fact, this July 17th will see one of my all time favorite events; the BBQ Cook-off. Just imagine the smells of all sorts of meats being cooked slowly to perfection and what that will do to an appetite. This is something I look forward to all year long. It will be billed as a Forsyth Fun Day and will host entertainment along with the ever popular cardboard boat races.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hair's The Place in Forsyth Missouri

It’s a fact that people seek beauty. They are constantly looking to improve what they have or even give themselves a whole new look. They drop by the nearest hair and beauty salon to be pampered by stylists and beauticians to style their tresses, shape their eyebrows, and color their nails – all in a setting that is relaxing and enjoyable. For myself, just an hour in a hair and salon shop every month and I emerge confident and ready to take on the world.

That’s why guys and gals from all over the Forsyth area have come to depend on owner Colleen KarnesHair’s The Place saloon to help them look their best. I have frequented her shop located at 136 Rockhill Drive (kitty corner from the Shelter insurance office on Hwy 160) for some time now. Colleen offers a full range of beauty options and now has a talented stylist named Elise Morse working with her to offer only the best in haircuts, perms, hair coloring, nails and even pedicures. Their hours are Tuesday thru Saturday 9AM to 5 PM and while walk-ins are welcome, Colleen encourages her customers to call and set an appointment for the most prompt service. They can be reached by calling either 417-546-3039 or 417-251-0335.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Mobil One Express Auto Oil Change in Forsyth Missouri

Just down Coy Blvd. off Highway 160 in Forsyth, Mo. You can find one of the better managed oil change facilities. It’s called Mobil One Express Auto and is located at 194 Coy Blvd. I have been getting my oil changed there for some time now and can relate that on every visit there, it has been a pleasant one.

While the facility may specialize in oil changes, I’ve also found it to be closer to a full service facility.On my last visit they were able to fix a broken electric window riser at reasonable cost and in short order. They can do inspections, if you happen to need one and I also understand that they even have vehicles for sale. You can call for additional information and pricing at (417) 546-4224.

July 2013 update: For whatever reason, this facility decided to black out the windows that separate the oil change area from the waiting room.  I'm not sure that was such a great idea. It makes me wonder what it is they're trying to hide... Note: This situation did not last very long.

Jan 2016 update: This location has closed down and the operation moved.

White River Valley Historical Society

A recent visit to the White River Valley Historical Society was made all the better by my encounter with the fine folks that work there, especially Ms. Leslie Wyman, the managing Director. She graciously showed me around even though they were in between theme exhibits. They were getting ready for the opening of ‘Ladies Fancywork’ which will showcase women who historically employed many talents, from quilting to embroidery to the nearly lost art of tatting (a technique for handcrafting a particularly durable lace constructed by a series of knots and loops)! This is just one of a number of exhibits that are presented in the course of a year. Coming up in September 2010 will be one I will want to see called ‘Sportsman’s Paradise’ and which will highlight hunting and fishing in the Ozarks.

The buildings location is at 297 Main Street in Forsyth, Mo. which is just across from the newly constructed Taney County Judicial Building. They can also be reached at 417-546-2210 if you have questions and the Historical Society maintains a very informative web page at

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Forsyth Fun Day coming on July 17th

It’s a BBQ Challenge and Forsyth Fun Day to be held this coming Saturday, July the 17th at the Shadowrock Park. Call the Forsyth Chamber of Commerce at 417 546-2741 for information on competing in the BBQ challenge or the boat race. From 9 AM to 12PM there will be music (Hipp Katz) and entertainment including activities for the kids sponsored by the White River Valley Historical Society. In addition, there will be a silent auction, horseshoe tournament and sand volleyball. Our Fire, Rescue and Emergency folks will also be performing demonstrations and a live fly-in.

Starting at 11:00 AM, my favorite activity begins and that is the serving of award winning BBQ to us common folks. (I’m not sure what the charge will be for this ($5?), but I can tell you it’s worth every penny). While you’re eating, you can also inspect the cardboard boats that will be competing shortly after the noon hour.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Ozark Mountain Pawn in Forsyth Missouri

Tucked away in back of the White River Plaza is the Ozark Mountain Pawn shop owned and operated by Scott Novak. Scott’s shop houses all sorts of unique and sought after items including tools, ammo and fine jewelry all at bargain prices.

Scott’s shop is located at 14974 US Hwy 160 in Forsyth, Missouri and their phone number is 417-546-3778. The shop also specializes in jewelry repair and engraving. Stop by and say hi!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Taney County Republican is back!

The Taney County Republican, a newspaper that has roots going back to 1895 is back in publication! I read the latest edition, cover to cove, and admit that even in an age of computers, it sure is nice to sit back and read what good journalists have to say.

You know in my opinion, amid all the chaos that is day to day life in the 21st Century, there is still a niche to be filled by a newspaper you can hold in your hands and enjoy. Thanks for coming back!