Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Basic Computer Workshops offered!

Basic Microsoft computer skill workshops will be offered through the INFO to KNOW Program at the Taneyhills Community Library on Mondays in June at 5:00 pm. There will be 4 different workshops, each covering basic knowledge of every subject. Please arrive prior to 5:00 pm as the library locks its doors at 5:00. Registration is required as space is extremely limited.

The workshops will be as follows:
Monday, June 4 @ 5:00 pm: Basic Computer Components & Creating a WORD Document - A basic tour of the computer. Learning to use keyboard, mouse, etc. Creating a very basic WORD document.
Monday, June 11 @ 5:00 pm: Using E-Mail – Setting up a Gmail account. Sending an email. Participants will need to bring their cell phone to this workshop.
Monday, June 18 @ 5:00 pm: Basic Internet Skills – Touring web browsers. Performing a search. Learning basic Internet terms.
Monday, June 25 @ 5:00pm: Facebook – What is Facebook? How to create a Facebook account, understanding basic privacy settings, and requesting friends. Participants must have a personal email account already set up to take this workshop.

“Coordinating the INFO to KNOW program over the past 9 months has made us aware of the many requests for basic computer skills training from program attendees and the public at large,” said Adele Groote, the Taneyhills INFO to KNOW Program Director. “We have learned through previous workshops that trying to teach on multiple devices such a Microsoft vs. Macintosh vs. iPads or Androids, creates chaos in the classroom. In these workshops we will be concentrating only on the Microsoft operating system by using our public computers. That way, every participant will be seeing and interacting in the same computer environment. Because we have limited computers for public use, the workshops will be very small and it will be absolutely imperative to register for the workshop in advance.”

Groote added, “The library takes pride in the fact we are a vital link in our community by providing computer access and free Wifi for residents and our visitors. We try and accommodate these needs while receiving no public funding. We rely on donations to sustain us so that we can serve the community. Our hope is to obtain a grant or monetary gift to acquire 15 laptop computers so we can to provide more access and more available times to teach free computer courses. Because we must use the public computers for general usage during operating hours, we can only hold the classes after closing time and must make the classes very small.”
To register for any of the computer workshops in June, call the front desk to reserve your seat. 417-334-1418 .

 The INFO to KNOW program provides the community with helpful information to improve their daily lives while receiving no tax-related funding from the cities of Branson or Hollister, or Taney County, or the State of Missouri, or other government agency. Donations are always welcomed in supporting this vibrant service to our Tri-Lakes Community.

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