Saturday, February 19, 2011

Is the Powersite Sewer Project backed up?

According to an article that appeared in the February 19th edition of the Branson Tri-Lakes News, the budget for some high profile projects including the Powersite Sewer Project have been cut. The article states that due to a ‘mis-communication’ between Regional Sewer District Administrator John Soutee, the county commission and County Auditor Rick Finley, the budget had been reduced from 14 million to just under ten million dollars. Such a reduction, if allowed to stand, could have significant impacts on the time table for completion. The funding has come from a special half cent tax and apparently Commissioner Ron Houseman has jumped in to correct the problem.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

And those rates, they just keep a rising!

 Forsyth Missouri - Ever since last fall, I’ve been keeping an eye on the utility companies that serve Taney County Missouri. That’s when the customers served by Empire Electric got socked with a 13.35% rate increase. This to be followed in June 2011 by another whopping 9% slam dunk. Those may be added to if fuel costs rise (you mean like they are right now?).

Now Water District #2 is joining in with a 3% increase in the cost of water beginning April the 1st. Did anyone get a memo on this when that was passed? And who was it that voted for the increase? The only mention of this I could find was a piece written on the internet by a local radio station. No mention as to why the rate increase was needed or how it is justified.

Next up this fall, will be the famous sewer projects which will affect some folks and which will add about $30 to their monthly list of bills. While this may save the environment, it is certain to sink some homeowners who are struggling now just to keep their heads above water.