Wednesday, January 30, 2013

McDonald’s Drive thru problems!

A word to the wise. Check your purchases carefully if you do the drive through at McDonald’s in Forsyth. My order of a cheese burger and fries turned into two crispy chicken wraps in a drive through that had just three cars in the drive thru. This isn’t the first time this has happened either. I feel bad for the people that got my order instead of what they had ordered and even worst for anyone else out there that have also been subjected to such poor treatment.

There was a reason why I stopped going to this chain some years ago. Now I remember what it was very clearly. But, I'll also admit that their Corporate followup to my complaint was nothing less than superb!

Followup: After making somewhat of a fool of myself - with all the poor comments and all, I did get a letter from McDonald's Corporate that contained an apology and two coupons good for extra value meals. That was nice! Also, to their credit, I was asked to fill in a through questionnaire that explored the problem and the manner in which it was resolved. Most impressive!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

River Run in January 2013!

New water outlets at each site!

While it’s no secret that I’m far from being a big fan of the government, I will give credit where its due. The Army Corps of Engineers have done a stellar job in their efforts to rejuvenate the River Run Park area and get it ready for the 2013 season. This park which offers 32 long and level RV sites has been overhauled from pretty near one end to the other. Improvements include; new water and electrical outlets, a clean flush toilet house with hot showers, a boat ramp, dump station and play ground that are now in excellent condition. In addition, the Corps has planted new trees to replace the ones lost to past flooding. The address of this park is 138 River Run Road, Forsyth MO 65653 and during the season the Park Attendant can be reached at 417-546-3626. Additional information can be had at