Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Fat Daddy's LiL' Piglet meals!

Forsyth MO – A recent visit to Fat Daddy's for a luncheon engagement dealt out a nice surprise for this overweight gnome. I went there with a friend named Mary to eat, but didn't really look forward to yet overly large meal that would better suit a younger and trimmer working man. Just too many calories! Actually, any meal over 700 calories would be pushing my self imposed limits. Losing weight, for us older people, can be a real challenge. No, I wanted something that was modest and after asking my server, I discovered it! Down towards the bottom of my menu was a section called LiL' Piglet Meals. In that section was an item called 'Piglet Pork'. A small hamburger sized portion contain ¼ pound of smoked pork, along with a side of fries for about $5. Wow! The taste was awesome, I didn't destroy my diet (~650 calories) and the whole meal deal was very affordable! Next time your over that way, please give this selection a try!

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