Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Save on Salvage in Forsyth Missouri

I found Save on Salvage to be a most unique kind of store. Like the name suggests, it has discounted salvage items of every kind for sale at discounted prices. Included are foodstuffs, can goods and even over the counter drugs like Claritin and aspirin.

The owner is Darrel Schutt who decided to open up this venue after the Mexican emporium did not work out. While I was there I purchased a bag of peanuts for fifteen cents and a tube of Pringles for $1.35. So, the prices are right!

How is he able to do it? I did notice that the expiration dates on most of the items I had purchased were about to expire or had expired, so that might have something to do with it. But, I assumed since I planned on consuming everything I bought in the near future, I figured it wasn't a big deal for me. If that's something of concern  to others, then they should check the label.

Save on Salvage is currently open Monday through Saturday, nine to five, but as always that could be subject to change. Best to call them ahead at 417-546-6810 and is located down from the Forsyth Hardware store at 16229 Us Highway 160, Forsyth, MO 65653. They currently accept Visa for purchases over $5, cash and local checks.

Two popular Forsyth area parks are now closed!

After three days of torrential rains, both Shadow Rock and River Run parks are closed for the foreseeable future. After receiving close to a foot of rain over the Easter weekend and with forecasts calling for even more rain in the offing, parks authorities had no apparent choice. One park worker told me that he had heard the river level may rise higher than it did in the flood of 2008!

The closing of the both these locations and especially that of Shadow Rock Park, will put a monkey wrench into many of the planned activities right at a time when so many were planned to take place. While I have not heard anything concrete, I’m sure that some events will be moved to higher ground with announcements of that fact coming soon.

For their part, the National Weather Service is forecasting dry weather next week after one or two more rounds of rain occurring between now and the weekend ending on May the 1st.

Weather extremes slam the Forsyth Missouri area!

What had been normal, to slightly dry conditions for much of southern Missouri, turned wet and wild over the course of a three day period that saw copious rainfall, frequent lightening and overcast skies. Beginning on Friday, April the 23rd a cool dry zone clashed with warm and moist gulf air to produce training precipitation that left many waterways overflowing their banks. Some areas, including Branson and Forsyth in Taney County Missouri received a foot or more of rainfall which resulted in property damage due to rapidly rising waters.

In Forsyth, the park authorities closed River Run on Monday after flood water began encroaching area campsites. My thought is that Shadow Rock Park may follow suit soon.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Forsyth area rainfall good to see!

With April 2011 now winding down, it has been good to see the rainfall totals picking up a bit and perhaps making a dent in the mini-drought we’ve all been experiencing.

As you can see, there are a few campers out and about, even though the weather service is calling for a rainy period right on through the weekend. That hasn’t stopped these folks or the fishermen and women who looked to me to be having pretty good luck.

I took an average of some of the rainfall reading for Thursday, April the 21st and as you can see, the average is about an inch. Month to date, the area has seen about four inches with a general average for the month at about four and a third inches in a normal year. Now, the focus turns to the rest of this month where we may get too much of a good thing!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Thunder Road Motorcycles and Accessories!

There’s no doubt that gasoline prices are now at record highs and may go even higher if some industry experts are to be believed. (How far is that three or four dollar gallon of gas getting you now)? What better time to shop for a motorcycle that is not only energy efficient, but fun to drive too!

Thunder Road Motorcycles and Accessories is a relatively new business that has re-opened after being closed for the winter. It’s located at 13159 US Highway 160 which is just past Highway H. I stopped there this date and was amazed to find a super clean showroom loaded with bikes as well as other gear such including helmets shirts and pants.

While I was there I met a gentleman named David Jacobs who was nice enough to show me around. David knows his stuff and has worked on bikes for many years. He explained to me that not only do they sell cycles, but they also service them at that location! That was a big plus in my book. He also mentioned that they plan to carry metrics which are often much less expensive than the Harley line. I noticed he had a nice V-Rod for sale which looked to be in excellent condition as were all the used bikes on display that day.

If you have time, be sure and stop by to say hi to Kenneth and to look around. Thunder Road can be reached by calling 417-546-2453.

Update: After trying to reach this venue in March 2013, I found the number to be disconnected! Also, a friend informed me that the business had apparently closed.

Pictured at right is a 2007 V-Rod that appears to be in excellent condition. 

Friday, April 15, 2011

Primo’s Pizza and Pasta! A great place to meet and eat!

Located at 17447 Hwy 160 (right next door to Park Place Market) in Forsyth Missouri, Primo’s Pizza and Pasta offers the diner a quaint and cozy hideaway that has room for more than twenty hungry patrons. This dine in/carry out/delivery eatery features a full menu which includes appetizers, salads, tomato-basil wraps, chicken clubs, toasted subs, wings and pasta of course! Everything is fresh, tasty and affordable.

On a visit in the near future, I plan to put off my diet for a day and will order one of their specialty pizzas. I think I’ll go for the Supreme pizza which comes with generous helpings of pepperoni, sausage, onions, green peppers, mushrooms and black olives. (This being just one of an entire line of specialty pizzas, each with different toppings designed to suit almost any taste). In addition to the choice of toppings, you can specify the type of crust you want; be it thin, New York hand tossed or deep dish ($1 extra). On that day, I plan to order the deep dish version as it reminds me of pizzas I used to eat while living in Chicago.

Primo’s can be reached by calling 417-546-0591 and they also have a Facebook presence. Be sure to stop by,say hi and tell'em DanO sent ya!

Update: This business is closed as of Nov 2011.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Will this café re-open soon?

That’s the rumor I keep hearing although I have not confirmed it as of yet. Like many towns in the area, Rockaway Beach has suffered a little from the depression that swept the United States in 2008 and which continues to deepen in 2011 on the heels of rising energy costs.

Still, it would be great to see this place re-open under new management.

Update: July 2011 - The White River Grill opens for business - See blog.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Just another leak or a sign of more problems to come?

This leak, which occurred recently by a water meter in the Valley View Village housing complex, was very close to the site of another similar leak that occurred last year. The question that came to my mind was whether this was just a coincidence or does it hint at an aging infrastructure.  Could the water pipes that lie underground become the source of increasing problems as time passes by? I’m guessing that the current underground system is thirty or more years old. That’s about the time I understand Valley View came into being. The pipes are metal whereas newer systems use PVC. If that’s the case, how long will the metal last before rust becomes a problem? I’m not sure.

This area, in which I live, is also the site of a sewer installation project. Last fall, I was told that the time line for installation of sewer lines to replace the septic systems now in use would be somewhere within twelve months or so. Problem is I haven’t seen much in the way of progress and it already mid April. Perhaps everything will all get done in a couple of months towards the end of the year.