Friday, September 21, 2012

The strange cost structure of electric power in Taney County Missouri!

Where I live in southwest Missouri (Taney County), there are two electric companies that serve the area; Empire Electric and the White River Valley Electric Coop.  I happen to use Empire Electric while others I know have White River. Both are relatively competitive although each has its own scheme of charging customers.

Empire Electric has a variable tier approach where by they charge differing rates based on the month of the year; winter rates include the months of November through June and summer rates include the four months July through October.

In the summer months, there is basically a single tier charge of 0.1070 cents per kilowatt hour with a $12.52 ‘access fee’. During the other eight months that comprise the ‘winter season’, the system changes to a two tier approach with the first 600 kWh charged at a rate of 0.0170 cents per kWh and then a change to a rate of 0.0871 for any use above the first 600. Oh, and there's also something called a ‘fuel charge’ which I think is an extra amount they kind of throw in whenever the mood hits them.

White River, on the other hand has a much more simplistic approach. They charge $25 for the first 20 kWh (think of this as an access fee) used and then apply a rate of 0.089552 cents for every kWh above that. A person using 1000 watts of power in the month of September would have to cough up $112.76 if they use White River whereas and Empire customer would pay $119.52, (that is assuming Empire doesn’t decide to throw in an addition ‘fuel charge’).  So, while Empire comes off as looking gimmicky, White River is not only is easier to understand, but their rates are also cheaper in the long run!

My question then is, ‘why do they even mess with such complex fee structures’? Why not come up with a single rate that would be the same for every month? Perhaps the answer lies in the way Congress passes bills like ‘ObamaCare’ or in the way the IRS access taxes. Apparently, the more complex the approach, the easier it is to befuddle the people who are paying the tab.

Update: Another increase of approx 13% has been granted and will take effect in 2014!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Residential & Commercial Window Cleaning Service

Yes, this guy does do windows! His name is Dennis and he’s pretty darn good at getting your grimy windows back to pristine clarity in no time at all!

For one time or periodic window care, give Dennis a call at 417-546-0124. Also, for residential customers, Dennis also offers professional screen cleanings. He uses professional grade equipment for professional results and would be happy to offer competitive estimates at no charge. Make sure you tell him that DanO sent ya!