Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Charlie's offering meal discounts!

Forsyth Missouri - It was my understanding that Charlie's Steak, Ribs and Ale located in Forsyth Missouri will be offering discounted meals to veterans seven days a week and to seniors on Mondays! Note that the discounts are for the Forsyth location only! For the exact details, you can call 417-546-2011 to ask questions and to make sure of the details!

Sunday, June 4, 2017

When Charlie's is no more!

Forsyth MO. – It's no secret that Charlie's Ribs, Steak and Ale is for sale, and has been for sale, for some time. Struggles for sales being a likely cause for the decision by the owner to sell. The question now is what fate lies ahead for the popular and upscale eatery...

When I asked around as to why Charlie's was experience problems, one answer I heard sounded pretty good. I was told that the owner built 'a Branson sized restaurant in Forsyth'. Yes, I could see that, when compared to other eateries in that town, Charlie's was definitely the king of square footage. And that can be a problem, as the upkeep or overhead can be a little too large when compared to the income stream supported by two thousand or so area residents. In addition, record rainfall early in the year essentially closed down most of the park sites that drew many vacationers and fishermen during the spring and summer months! The loss of revenue was sure to adversely affect many Forsyth-based businesses, not just Charlie's.

So, when the place does sell and I think it will, the question becomes what type of business will it likely be transformed into? I can't it staying as a simple restaurant bar, but perhaps it will morph into some combination of businesses that would stand a better chance of survival....

Restaurants in Forsyth Missouri!

For whatever reason, Forsyth Missouri (population 2400 give or take) is blessed with quite a number of eateries. Last time I took a count, there were about eight of them within a three mile radius. All vying for attention of a relative few dinners. A situation made all the more competitive with area parks and the vacationers they normally bring out of commission for the year. So, here is an ad hoc sort of, off the cuff report about some of them...

I don't go there much as they are charging pretty much the same prices for food that I can get at the more upscale joints. I can still fondly remember when you could get a burger there for fifteen cents! That ain't happening no more!

Whenever I get a craving for a great tasting hot dog, Sonic's is the place I head for, as they offer the Chicago Dog with fries for a very reasonable price. I also like the fact that the location is well maintained and the staff friendly and efficient.

 Hong Kong Express
I haven't had the pleasure of dining at this newly opened facility, but have heard both good and bad things about it from other people. Personally, I just tend to shy away from food that is left out on a buffet styled table for long periods of time...

I did note that HKE is offering home delivery for anyone who might be interested.


In spite of the rather honky look to the place, it's been quite popular for a lot of folks as anyone can see if you drive by there around lunch time on any given day. The downsides are few with one of them being the limited parking spaces and the good chance that you won't be able to get a table if you arrive much after 11:30 AM.

The Frosted Mug
If you enjoy some drama, the Mug is a great place to go for a brew-ski and some food. I've frequented this venerable restaurant slash bar for many years as I find the entertainment factor to beat what's on TV most every time. I've never had a bad meal there and would highly recommend their French Dip (a special on Tuesday) and their crunch tacos which are offered at sharp price points on Wednesdays!

The Long Horn Family Dining
 While I don't eat at the Long Horn as often as I should, I do love their extensive menu and the quality of their food. My only complaints have been that the seating, in the booths, are a little too hard edged for my personal taste. Their signature hamburger and fries are a welcome throwback to the old diners of the past and one of the menu items I almost always order when I go there.

Fat Daddy's
I've always given bonus points to any eatery that has a name like Fat Daddy's. (Like we all need to be reminded of our expanding waistlines). But, having said that, this is a really first class establishment that has gained a very loyal following over the past few years. Whenever I get the urge for a pulled pork sandwich, this is the place often I head for...

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Charlie's loses long time cook and curtails breakfast times!

Forsyth MO. - For undisclosed reasons, one of the long time veteran Chef's at the popular Charlie's Ribs, Steak and Ale restaurant has left. Rumor has it that they will be hiring a new cook to take his place fairly soon.

I also learned that this location will stop serving breakfasts beginning Monday, June 5. In the future, breakfast will be served only on the weekends with regular food service beginning at 11 AM during the work week.