Thursday, August 24, 2017

Pizza at Charlie's?

 Forsyth Mo. – Things are a changing at Charlie's Steak-Ribs and Ale as we all tumble into September 2017! Earlier in the year, the owner decided to make the Forsyth location SMOKE FREE! A move I heartily have endorsed. Then, a recent decision was made, to change the menu, (another great decision, in my view).

So, starting on Friday August 25, 2017 – Charlie's will be moving in a new culinary direction, including a revised menu (September?) and even a salad buffet! The latest innovation, as I understand it, will include a glass display of pizza's at $2 a slice! Just how much 'pizza' this will represent for the buck will be the subject of a followup report at this post, as I plan to weigh and otherwise nutritionally dissect, these offerings to see how well they measure up to the other local area pizza dispensary outlets including Casey's which offers their pizza slices at $2.79!

Update: The pizza's offered were of three types and the special $2 a slice offering was for Friday, August 25 only! The pizzas looked to be traditional pan styled crusts and were offered in three varieties. My next update will contain more details....

Update II: After trying a slice of their pizza, I had two comments; 1) the pizza tasted pretty good and 2) problems with the display unit result in a product that became degraded rather quickly. No ones fault, just an understanding that this new direction was still a work in progress. I will await the next offering before casting any judgement....

Update III: Friday, September 1 - The second offering of pizza was a much better experience! The crust was much softer and I enjoyed a couple of slices. I also heard that all of the proposed changes including a new sign will be done by the end of September.

Will these pizza's be a hit - not in their current form, I'm thinking.

Update IV: Friday, September 8 and the pizza's were definitely getting better looking and tasting as evidenced by the sales. 

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

That bag credit offered by Country Mart!

 Forsyth MO. – A local grocery store named Country Mart is my store of choice for all my sundry needs. That said, there are a few things I don't particularly like, chief of which is the so-called 'bag credit. A credit of 3 cents, if a patron comes in with their own means of carrying out their purchases. I assume they give this credit in order to save on the plastic or paper bags they would otherwise have to supply.

My problem is that the savings to a customer is likely minuscule when compared to what it costs the store to supply all that paper and plastic to the consuming public! At three cents saved per visit, one would have to visit the store over 600 times in order to recoup @20! That's sort of a joke, if you ask me.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Charlie's to change their menu?

Forsyth MO. - Beginning sometime in September the popular eatery know as Charlie's Steak, Ribs and Ale, in Forsyth MO, will be changing their menu and even possibly their name! Yes, Charlie's will be leaning more in the direction of a pizzeria-styled enterprise complete with a fully stocked salad bar! That is, if all the talk is correct.

Some later information, I garnered, indicated that they will continue to serve some hot meals like burgers and fries along with other cold sandwiches and pizza, of course.

 One of Forsyth's Charlie's great servers, prepares the newly acquired salad bar that will see service in September 2017!