Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Charlie's egg, hash brown and toast breakfast!

A good, nutritional breakfast starts any day off on the right foot. Today, I stopped at a local eatery for just such a meal!

Charlie's Steak-Ribs and Ale is located in Forsyth Missouri on Highway 160 just across from City Hall. They serve up a full menu breakfast including their menu item #1 selection, aka eggs, hash browns and toast. At just $3.49 (effective price as of this post), I feel this is a real meal deal.

Service at this establishment is brisk and professional. I love the relaxed ambiance and how clean everything is. Charlie's also features a full service bar, takeouts as well as lunch and dinner service. You can reach them at (417) 546-2011.

One word of caution: If you order anything other than scrambled eggs, they will hit you with a fifty cent extra charge! That's a 14% increase in the cost of this meal!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Auto detailing available in Forsyth area!

There's a young man here in the Forsyth Missouri area, by the name of Matt Lynch, who is advertising auto detaining work that he can perform. The work includes such items as a car wash, interior vacuum and windows among other services. Matt can also perform oil changes,fluid inspections, power washing of boats, home siding or driveways.

Anyone interested in this form of service can reach him by calling 636-388-2477 during regular business hours!