Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Yarn Diva located in Forsyth Missouri is a great place to shop!

A very long time ago, while attend Southern Illinois University, I took a class in macramé. That was an experience I thoroughly enjoyed and the good memories have lasted with me even to this day. When I walked into The Yarn Diva, I was reminded of the fact that my mom also did needlepoint and knitting most of her life. She always had a knitting bag close to here with all kinds of yarn hanging out of it. I still have, and cherish, a few of the comforters she made for me.

The Yarn Diva shop which is located at 10726 E. State Hwy 76 in Forsyth seems to have it all together. A nice inventory that is well presented making the shopping a very pleasant experience. I had a chance to talk to the owner, a nice lady by the name of Sharon Betz, who gave me a couple of newsletters (some of the best I’ve seen) that they put out periodically. In the newsletter were all sorts of announcements including scheduled classes, event and charitable efforts that the shop was involved in. They have a great website where you can get a feel for what they have to offer. You can also use this site to contact them in case you have a question or two.

The store is open Tues – Fri 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM and Sat 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. They are closed on Sunday and Monday. You can reach them by calling 417-546-2037.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

It’s the 2011 Fall Taney Demolition Derby!

Coming to Forsyth Missouri on September the 10th 2011, will be the annual Fall Demolition Derby sponsored by the Taney County Fair Board of Taney County Missouri! It will be held at the new Fair grounds known also as Shoals Bend Park. The action starts at 7PM and admission is $5 for adults while children six and under will be admitted free. For additional information call 417-546-4277 or visit the official website at www.taneycountyfair.org! (Please click on the picture above to gleam additional information and details)!

It came as a great surprise to me that my entry - 'Da Crusher' was not allowed to compete! What gives with dat? Something about my tires being a tad too large! OK, there may be something to that! Maybe next year!

Friday, August 26, 2011

The Forsyth Computer Shop: A Clinic for your computer!

Every once in a while I run into some nice people here where I live in Forsyth Missouri. That was the case today when I had occasion to visit with the owners of the newly opened Forsyth Computer Shop located at 15960 US Hwy 160, right across from the Prime Time gas island. Their phone number is 417-546-8400.

I talked, at some length, with both Brian and Michelle who were busy with customer when I first walked in. They were very courteous, and when Michelle got free, she filled me in on some of the services they offer. In a nutshell, the Forsyth Computer Shop is a full service center that specializes in refurbished systems that are rebuilt with all new parts (they also have new systems available). This includes desktops and laptops along with flat screen monitors. Prices for basic systems can range anywhere from $450 on up, and they can even build you a custom system should you so desire.  They also maintain a service center that offers you a place to take your existing system should it get sick.

While I was there, I was impressed with how neat the place looked and with the confident way they fielded my computer related questions. That is to say, they didn’t talk over my head, but in a manner that made me feel confident in their abilities.

If you have a spare moment, I would encourage everyone to stop in and say hi!

Gun Shop and Antique Store Now Open!

On a sunny nice day here in Forsyth Missouri, I had occasion to stop in the newly opened KJM Mercantile gun shop and antique furniture store located at 16071 US Hwy 160, right next door to the Chamber of Commerce. I was there to have the owner, a nice guy named Chris, take a look at a firearm that I’m considering having him sell on consignment. Chris told me his is interested in building his gun inventory, so if you have a gun you’d like to sell, Chris might be able to help you out via consignment.

The store also has a nice collection of knick knacks, antiques, fishing equipment and electronics for you to browse through. You can reach them by calling 417-251-9012 during regular business hours.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

$50 Jeep window regulator repair!

In my younger days, whenever a problem arose that proved to be difficult, I would raise my hands and run away! These days, however, I will tend to dive in and see what is what. Must be an age thing.

This was the case with a pesky rear door regulator on a 2006 Jeep Liberty that kept breaking. More specifically, the part that kept breaking was a plastic riser that rides up and down on a rail driven by a spiral cable. In a previous blog, I indicated I felt that the part was poorly made and was unable to do the job for which it was designed. In my case, three of these mechanisms have bit the dust. On the first occasion, the car was still newish and Jeep repaired it for free. The second time around, about 14 months ago, same problem but this time the cost through an Independent Repair Facility (IRF) was $135.00. This last time, the part broke even though I never used the window! A call to Jeep resulted in a quote for repair of $420! To be fair, my IRF was lower, but not by much. Either way this was not a good thing as I was informed at that time that the regulators were defective and that I could count on the problems happening with the other Jeep power windows. Bummer! Now, as for the IRF. I don’t blame them as this is something they couldn’t know about. Jeep, however, was a different story.

So, how did I fix my problem with a $50 part? I researched on the internet and discovered that a repair part was available from both Amazon (a company called TKO Auto) and from another company called Steiger. While Steiger is more expensive, they do offer better documentation. Either source offers basically the same part. Steiger does offer a hex wrench and machine screws while TKO Auto offers only a single rivet ( I assume you will have to supply the rivet gun). I’m going to guess that if there are broken pieces of plastic riser that have gotten into the power window motor gears, you might want to go with Steiger. That wasn’t the case with me, so I ordered the part from TKO Auto (Amazon.com) and used a machine screw that I had lying around the house.

The total repair time was about two hours, but only because I was doing it for the first time. If my other rear window also breaks in a similar fashion, I’m sure I could do the whole thing in under an hour tops! Either way, I now have a fix that should last the life of the vehicle.

If you are experiencing a similar problem and would like some advice, I would be happy to open up some dialog. Please contact me at Forsythkid@Gmail.com and I’ll help if I can. Note: I did document my fix with pictures which I can forward.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Flood waters are receding in Shadow Rock Park!

According to my sources, the water level downstream of Powersite Dam is now dropping very rapidly and in just a short time, people will be able to access Shadow Rock Park which as been under water for close to four months now. That's great news!

But, before the park can be allowed to open, city crews will have to fix damage that was done during the long term period that the park was submerged. This will include some sanitizing and the fixing of some electrical lines that became damaged by debris.

I also understand that the city will be looking for volunteers to help with a clean up effort some time soon. This will more than likely occur after the Labor Day weekend. If you think you might be interested in lending a helping hand, you can either call City Hall at 417-546-4763 or email the Mayor, Ron Potter at ron.potter@cityofforsythmo.com.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Jeep Liberty Window problems!

 “Let me guess... One of the rear windows in your Jeep Liberty just made a snapping or grinding noise, the window no longer works, the glass wants to fall down into the door and you can move it up and down by hand? If so, then please allow me to be the first to welcome you to the club!”

The power windows in the Jeep Liberty are notorious for breaking in this manner. The problem is the design of the mechanism used to move the window. The Liberty uses a plastic window bracket that rides inside of a metal track in the door. As you use the window, the part of the plastic bracket that rides inside the metal guide rail tends to wear away until it becomes too thin to support the weight of the window, at which point it snaps and down comes the glass! Wear isn't the only reason for the failure of this part however - it is simply too weak. I know people who have had brand new window regulators installed and despite never using the window, the regulator broke anyway. (This happened to me just yesterday)! I'll bet you a jillion that the part is made in China!

A kit, made by a company called Steiger, which will supposedly fix the problem and is available here. Installation instructions are here! A word of caution. This fix has not been vetted by anyone I know. If you have used it and it works, please share in a comment. Likewise, if you have experienced a similar problem, please leave a comment. Thanks! Be sure to follow my exploits at attempting to fix this problem here.

A Bail Bond and Attorney office all in one in Forsyth Missouri!

I recently had a chance to stop by the Queen City Bail Bonds office located across from McDonald’s on highway 160 this date and was glad I did. Not because I needed their services, but because I was curious about what a Bail Bond office was all about.

Inside I met a nice woman by the name of Ms. Myra Cox. I believe she is one of the owners, which also include two gentlemen by the name of Rex Shaffer and Rick Arnall. Their office is located at 15561 US Hwy 160 in Forsyth, Mo., and they can be reached at 417-546-3900 should you need to make an inquiry.They also maintain offices in the both the Springfield and Branson/Hollister area.

For those of you that don't know, a bail bondsman is someone who, provides a guarantee of financial responsibility to cover the cost of bail for a person involved in criminal proceedings. In plain language, they will get your sorry butt out of jail should you get arrested for an offense. The bonds-person often provide the guarantee of a 'blanket bond' that will cover costs should that person fail to appear in court. The bail bond company also generally charges a fee for the performance of their service. It can be a tough business, but can be invaluable if you are the one without enough money to post your bail.

Attorney Rita Sanders

Also, located in the same building are the law offices of Rita K. Sanders, a 17 year Police veteran. An attorney, who I understand, specializes in helping individual who have incurred a ticket of some type. She was not present on the day I stopped by and I hope to drop in again when she is around. Her office phone number is 417-890-0909. She also has a web page at www.theticketcenter.net. I understand her main office is located at 3023 S. Kimbrough St. in Springfield, Missouri.

These are all folks that can be of great assistance in the event you run into trouble with the law. Stop in and please say hi!

Update: This company is now also located right across from the Court House on Main street.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Shadow Rock Park Flood Update for August 2011

From May the 9th to August the 7th, the composite pictures above tell a story of flood waters that have been slow to recede. The extreme rain events of late May that covered the entire region with over a foot of water was a major contributor. Then, heavy rains falling over the Midwest and which inundated the Mississippi river served to really back things up for the remainder of the summer.

The end result, here in Forsyth Missouri, has been a set of flooded parks that have not yet recovered from actions initiated by the Corp of Engineers. Both Shadow Rock and River Run Parks which are across from each other have been closed during the peak summer months and it would appear they will remain closed as fall approaches. The river level chart, here, show just how high the levels rose and give some idea that it will be quite some time before they get back to normal. The question, asked by some, are whether the levels will ever drop back down fast enough before the coming fall and then spring rains raise the levels again! It seems we may have entered a period of extreme weather.

Either it’s too dry or too wet it seems! There doesn’t seem to be much middle road left anymore; a fact that residents of Central Texas can attest to. They’ve endured one of the worst droughts in decades with temperatures this summer getting into the hundred plus degree mark on a daily basis. And, while it’s also been on the dry side here in southwest Missouri, we have still been blessed with the occasional pop-up storms that have helped keep the vegetation from dying off entirely.

Weather, experts tell us are all about patterns, regular patterns that people depend on from year to year and season to season. When those patterns get weird, however, they can bollix up the entire works. Let us all hope for a return to normalcy sometime soon.