Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Troubled bridge over Bull Shoals!

Just this morning (January the 28th) on Hwy 76 as you cross the Bull Shoals bridge near Forsyth Missouri, there is a lit sign advertising a meeting at the local High School concerning the 'Bridge Project' to be held Tuesday, February the 4th at 5PM. Interestingly, no one at the local Bridge and Planning office seemed to know anything about it. I then contacted MoDot in Springfield at (417) 895-7600 and was told by the person who answered that they also had no idea of who erected the sign, but that they would get back to me.

Jann Clark of the Taney Country Times was the only person I contacted who seemed to know what
was going on. Yes, evidently a District Manager (Modot?) would be available to answer questions at the school cafeteria on that date presumably concerning some of the impacts that would result as part of the extensive renovation efforts that could see the bridge closed down for many months.

Fortunately, an article published, last Tuesday, in the Branson Tri-Lakes News on January the 21st went into better detail as to some of the particulars concerning this effort. The bottom line seems to be that Mo-Dot is just beginning to look at the entire project, slated for 2017, and may even elect to push it back in time if needed.

Update: I'm not sure who I heard this from, but a person I know that went to the Bridge Project meeting held at the Forsyth High School on February the 11th told me that one idea was to just leave the old bridge standing even after a new one is built. The old bridge could then be used exclusively for foot and bicycle traffic for pedestrians. I like that!