Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The price of romaine lettuce can change a lot!

As I like to keep a running data file on the items I purchase at a local grocery emporium, I noticed that the cost of romaine lettuce had evidently just gone up! After searching the web (see link above), I realized that the cost I normally pay at the Country Mart in Forsyth MO is actually less than the national average. However, as the graph illustrates, the price can fluctuate quite a bit, so it pays to be observant when you shop!

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Fair Board nixes Fair beer garden!

Come on down...
Taney County MO - Apparently, a member of the Taney County Fair Board (Donald Helms) went before the Board of Aldermen last Monday, March 20th to apply for a temporary permit to sell beer in a beer garden area during this year's coming Taney County Fair. The answer was a resounding no! The Forsyth Board of Aldermen, acting unanimously, cited numerous reasons for turning down the request, indicating that such a move would be 'going down the wrong path,' to put it into the words of Alderwoman Cheryl Altis. Mayor Eddie Coleman was also '100 percent against it' saying that he feared such a permit might serve to dissuade more people than it would attract.

Personally, I'm all in favor of the curtailing of certain 'non-desirable' elements like out of control drinking and would even be in favor of taking more drastic measures to insure the continued purity and attractiveness of the event. Perhaps in the future, the board would also consider the banning of smokers as these people might also 'send the wrong sort of signal to our youth'. (Just imagine a smoke free Fair and how much fun that would be for everyone). Also, there is the health and visual questions of having too many obese individuals strolling around as living advertisements to our youths to perhaps 'overindulge' and to 'eat in an irresponsible manner'. Perhaps they should consider banning those people too, in order that our future Fairs take on a more modernistic and even Aryan appearance...

Now for me personally, I don't plan to attend this year, as I really dislike the Shoals Bend location for many and sundry reasons. But, that's just me! [For the record, the author regularity swills beers, used to smoke heavily and is as fat as a tick].

Sunday, March 26, 2017

My town Forsyth MO - March 26, 2017!

 It was a Sunday in late March and I thought it to be a good idea to get out and shoot some pictures of various businesses and other sights in and around town, (just for the historical record of course). Forsyth is a small town (population at around 1400) that is located in Southwest Missouri, not very far from Branson – our local claim to fame. As of that date, we had ourselves something like three banks, thirteen eateries, an O'Reilly auto center, a smattering of hair styling venues, a hardware store and a couple of parks! What more could anyone ask? I've called this area home for many a year and it really hasn't changed very much. Something I really like a lot!

#1 White River Plaza – Beginning at the northern edge of town, we have a nice strip mall that houses a neat collection of stores. I generally stop there to visit the Dollar General ( a nice store), the Subway and the excellent laundromat that's located in the back!

#2 National Enzyme Company – I worked at this supplement manufacturing company for a long time and have many fond memories from that experience. And, while it's changed ownership over the years, it's still is a viable place to seek and find good work in the area!

#3 McDonald's – You aren't a genuine 'town' unless to have a McDonald's and a Sonic's! Forsyth MO has both and while I don't frequent them as much as I used to, it still is a pleasure to eat food that tastes great even as it's killing you! I've  done a number of articles on both establishments along with some of the other eateries and have a love-hate relationship depending on the size of my waistline....

#4 O'Reilly Auto – In Forsyth, if you need something for your vehicle, O'Reilly's probably has the part in stock. I go there for parts and visit the Tire Crew for oil changes and any other serious automotive work! I've found both establishments to be very helpful whenever I've had a problem.

#5 Frosted Mug – A venerable local watering hole, the Mug is also one of the older businesses in Forsyth. I've enjoyed their signature 'frosted mugs' of beer and have eaten and enjoyed the varied menu that they offer. This is a good place to kick back on those really hot summer days that hit our neck of the woods in the summertime and enjoy a cold one!

#6 Courthouse and County Jail – Since Forsyth is the County Seat of Taney County, we enjoy excellent city services, a courthouse and a state of the art jail. and no, I've never been incarcerated there, I've only heard about it.

#7 Charlie's Ribs, Steak and Ale – In terms of offering finer dining, Charlie's and perhaps a couple of other eating establishments are where to go when you're hungry and also desire a taste of class. The establishment is non smoking, has a fully stock bar and excellent service. over the years, I've written a number of articles about eateries in this class including the Long Horn Family Dining establishment and Fat Daddies, where a lot of the town locals like to hang out.

#8 Shadowrock Park – Rounding out my tour this day, I visited a well known park that has a long and interesting history – everything from being the site of a civil war battle, way back when, to being one of the nicest places to hang out and fish during the warmer months of the year!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Forsyth Library Annual Potato Bake and Raffle!

For reasons that completely escape me, this event is a perennial favorite that generally sees large crowds in attendance!