Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Lots of activity at the roundabout near Forsyth MO!

Forsyth MO. - Anyone who has driven past the Shadowrock Lodge located near Peggy's Park Place may notice two things; 1) that the roundabout is getting a lot closer to completion and 2) that there has been some increased activity over at the Lodge. here are a few personal notes;

The Roundabout
When completed in a few weeks, the new bridge and roundabout will be able to handle the expected increase in area traffic over the next decade or so. This will benefit everyone in the area as vacationers, campers and fishermen return this spring to enjoy both the River Run and Shadowrock Park areas!

The Shadowrock Bar and Cafe
I had a chance to talk with one of the owners, a day or so ago, and learned that everything is progressing towards the opening of a bar sometime in early January. On the day of my visit, construction and communications people were in evidence, and while the interior was a work in  progress, I could see that this venue was going to become a popular social meeting place as we got into 2019. As soon as I'm given permission, I plan to release more details on the approval of the current management.

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Did someone buy Charlie's?

Forsyth MO. - There was a rumor going around town that the restaurant formerly know as Charlie's Steak, Ribs and Ale may have been sold. And not wanting to be the spreader of rumors, I promise to check this story out with the Real Estate agency that is representing the property. News to come shortly!

Update: I talked with the folks representing the property on Monday, Dec 3 and was told that though there had been some offers, none of those were accepted.

Monday, November 26, 2018

Ozark Firearms! A good place to shop!

Branson MO - Ozark Firearms is owned and operated by Mr. Grant Holcomb. I recently visited his home/store to make a purchase and would like to recommend his place to anyone looking for a firearm or ammunition.  Please give him a call!

 The store has a good selection of all types of handguns including Glock and Ruger, in addition to many types of rifles!

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Bartenders! What's with them?

Forsyth MO. - I used to never give much thought to people involved in the service industry. They're self-employed and appear in my world as servers at restaurants, hair cutters at saloons and as bartenders at bars! So, what was the big deal?

Well, the big deal is that these hard working men and women generally are on their own in the business world. Their wages are often at or below minimum wage. Lots of times they get zero health benefits and no pensions. In other words, they are pretty much hung out to dry and depend heavily on tips to even survive.

Were I in a position of power, I'd change that paradigm in a heartbeat. As it is, I can only tip well and try to promote a few select and deserving souls. Jessi is one such very deserving woman. See her at John's Frosted Mug in Forsyth MO!

River Run Park open? No, it's flooded! WTF?

Forsyth MO. - After being informed that the access road off Baker Street in Forsyth Missouri was open, I thought to drive by and maybe drive down into the River Run Park area, a location that had been shut off to the public for over a year.

As I approached the upper entrance to the Park, the gate was indeed open. I did notice the warning sign that the area was flooded. I thought that a bit strange as the Bull Shoals water level was at 655' MSL. That was actually very low as flood levels needed to exceed 670' or more to flood the Park. Well, being the devil may care person that I am, I proceeded bravely down the inclined road towards the Park area proper. But wait! Lo and behold, there was a second series of horse-style barricades all proclaiming the flooded state of the Park! I found that somewhat mystifying, as I could plainly see a semi-dry Park down below. Confounded and confused, I turned around and went back. Perhaps these sign had just been put up, I wondered.

As I motored on back to my home, I ruminated on what was going on with the Corps of Engineers, a group responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of River Run. I concluded that it was one of 4 possibilities; 1) the Park was actually flooded and what I was seeing was an illusion,  2) that the Corps was psychic and foresaw an impending flood yet to come, 3) that the Corps could not afford the proper signage and used what they had or 4) the some individuals in the Corps were perhaps a just a bit psycho.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

McD's to honor the military on Veteran's Day!

Forsyth MO. In what I assume is a Nationwide promotion, McDonald's is offering a Free Egg McMuffin Extra Value meal to all active or retired military personnel who present an I.D. This event is set for Monday, November the 12th which coincides with Veterans Day!

I fully embrace this concept, but would also like to see others like it. How about honoring our Men and women in Blue, or our Fire fighters or EMT's. Perhaps a special Service Day could be set aside for them in the future.

Saturday, November 3, 2018

INFO 2 KNOW : Home Electrical Safety

Taneyhills Community Library announces another great INFO 2 KNOW workshop free to the public. Tuesday, November 13 at 6:00 pm, Stephanie Barney, owner of Lightspeed Electrical and a regular on KRZK, will present “Home Electrical Safety.”

Stephanie says, “Keeping your home safe around electrical outlets is important. This is especially important for Baby Boomers and any empty-nesters as their children age out and leave, they stop checking many basic things like switches, wall outlets and extension cords.”

The workshop session is open to all ages and will be full of valuable information about the electrical aspects of your home. As the weather turns cooler, we spend more time indoors and in turn, use more electricity.

Be sure to reserve your place as space will be limited to 32 participants. Sign up at Taneyhills Library Front Desk or call 417-334-1418. KNFO 2 KNOW is an example of the services and community outreach the Library provides. Taneyhills Community Library is funded solely through donative and volunteer efforts.  The Library receives no local, State or Federal tax monies. 

Please place this event on your calendar if your organization maintains one.