Friday, March 27, 2020

Playgrounds ordered closed by the City of Forsyth!

Forsyth MO. - Local City of Forsyth officials have ordered area playgrounds closed for the foreseeable future due to worries about the Coronavirus outbreak! A spokesperson confirmed this order by phone, will also indicating that the Shadowrock Park area would remain open, until it was forced to close due to expected flooding.

Meanwhile, local fishermen were in wide abundance due to so many not currently working.

The author planned to visit the parks for as long as they remained open as this would likely be the last time for the 2020 season.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Forsyth Mo - Kar Lot dealership!

Forsyth MO - On what was a glorious Thursday in Late March, and like many others who had become stir crazy what with the virus, I decided to take a drive around town. As I passed the Kar Lot located on Highway 160, I noticed some movement inside the office building and stopped to inquire if the auto service area was open for oil changes and thing like that. The owner, Lonny, informed me that they were taking appointments as was normal. You can call (417) 546-8484 and set one up if you need any service done. I was also informed that they could take a customer around the lot if one was interested in buying some wheels. 

You can go online and check out their inventory by clicking on the Kar Lot. I noticed that the dealership had some mighty fine rides and perhaps they might be more willing to wheel and deal amidst the current viral outbreak.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Fat Daddy's reopens to limited traffic!

Forsyth MO. - A popular eatery called Fat Daddy's located on highway 160 re-opened with limited service, recently and was allowing ten diners in at any one time, in order to satisfy local ordinances that arose due to the coronavirus pandemic. When I entered, I was asked how many were in my party (just me) and was then told that I needed to go wash my hands before being seated. (Note that there was no limit on take out orders).

At the time I was there, there were only three or four other diners. If you're thinking about dining out, you can reach them at 417-546-4604 to check on their status!

Monday, March 23, 2020

Rockway Bars and Restaurant report For March 23, 2020!

Rockaway Beach MO - After a few people asked me if I know anything about what was going on in some of the bars and eateries in Rockaway Beach, I decided to take a run down there and see what was what.

AMVETS  - My first stop was a local American Veterans club that looked closed to me. There was also a sign that stated that fact.

 Note that they normally open at 3PM, according to one website page, you you might want to give them a call to find out the real deal. They can be reached at (417) 302-5201.

Pizza Cellar - I stopped at the local Pizza Cellar and found the doors were open. When I approached one of the employees, I was told that they were 'sorta' open but were also on a waiting and see what the owners wanted to do. I didn't ask, but had the impression that I could have ordered a beer or a pizza.

Dockside Pub - I was able to talk with a spokesperson who informed me that as of that 'moment', they were open for business. They also informed me that while the City of Rockaway Beach had not said they had to close, that there were still constraints on the number of people that would be permitted. I Was told, 'sure', that I could order a drink.

The bottom line is that you are likely to get some service somewhere in Rockaway Beach, it just might change with time. Much of what is happening is happening due to fears that, in my opinion, are largely baseless.

Sunday, March 22, 2020

A coronavirus bet with myself!

Forsyth MO. - After looking at some numbers generated by the John Hopkins hospital, I did not bother focusing on the numbers of cases or the recovered,. but rather the number of deaths this disease has caused. Why? Well, the battle fog surrounding those infected is complex and even foggy. One of the biggest effects that's adding new cases have been vastly increased testing. The more people tested the higher the number become. Another factor was linked to the discovery of infectious people who were carriers. People walking around spreading the virus with out showing much in the way of symptoms. Those were the only two we could talk about since about the mid part of March as the following efforts were implemented across much of the US:

1) Closed border policy. No one in or out.
2) Social distancing. People asked to stay 6 feet apart
3) Elimination of large sporting events.
4) Closing of venues where groups like to gather such as bars and restaurants!
5) An intense program of awareness to get people the wash their hands frequently.

These draconian acts should have a very dramatic effect on the rates of newly acquired infections. The result will be a rapid downhill graphic in the long term coupled with the fact that warmer weather (the bane of all viruses) is on our event horizon!

A number I do like to consider, when thinking about the direction of this pandemic, is the total number of people who succumb to the virus or to some secondary complication like pneumonia. That is what is known as a hard number statistically. As such, it should provide us with something to watch as it should begin to flatten out and then begin dropping as the wave passes on by.

I'm betting that on or before the 28th of March, those figure will begin to  take a rather dramatic drop and that by mid April, this whole mess will be behind us, not including the two to three trillion price tag that will have been added to the National Debt.

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Saturday, March 21st drive in Forsyth Mo!

Fat Daddy's
Forsyth MO. - After hearing the news about the partial or complete shutdowns of businesses, I elected to do a drive-about and see what was up in the City of Forsyth.

My first general impression was how quiet the roads were for the noontime hour. It was a Saturday, and normally the traffic would be robust. That was not the case for the start of an otherwise nice and sunny day! So, here is a breakdown of what I've seen or heard;

Banks - Closed. I wasn't sure if it was because it was the weekend or not. ATM's were up and running, however.

Churches - All closed was my understanding.

Gas island/convenience stores - As they are considered essential services, they were all open. On a positive note, gas prices were at very low levels.

Eateries - Most eateries like Fat Daddy's were closed. I was able to talk with an owner and he informed me that he was investigating ways to maintain some cash flow. I got the impression that some options, including carryout and home deliver were a go. He also indicated he might have food service in an outdoor setting by utilizing the open air eating area and by possibly supplementing those with some tables in the parking lot when the weather was warm.

Mountain Williams Pizza
Other locations that had drive thru's like McD's, Sonics and the Hong Kong Express were open for that sort of traffic even as the lobby areas were closed to the public. The Thrive Bistro was also open possibly due to it limited capacity. Other food related businesses such as Williams Mountain Pizza were offering curb and home delivery services. (When you arrive a sign instructs you to call 546-2012 for curbside delivery).

City Hall - Only the drive thru was open.

Save A
Grocery stores - Both the Country Mart and the Save Alot were open and were getting normal traffic. These both were considered 'essential' services and are able to have unrestricted numbers of shoppers. Once again, customers are urged to shop as you normally would. Supply channels are ramped up with tighter delivery schedules to assure the customers will be able to purchase needed items. Sadly, some items, most notably TP is still in short supply due to greed as some have cleaned out area stores in order to resale them at double the price at such outlets as Amazon. Please let these individuals keep their inventory while we wait for local supplies to be replenished.

Hair saloons -  At least one hair care facility was open and doing a normal amount of business and that was the Town and Country location across from the court house.