Wednesday, May 15, 2019

While watching two area parks sink beneath the waves...

Entrance to Shadowrock Park!
Forsyth MO. - On what was likely to be one of my last drives through Shadowrock Park, located near Forsyth Missouri, I couldn't help but to lament the loss of a great recreational area....once again.

With the Bull Shoals water level at at little over 677 feet (normal levels would be 659), I could see that very soon the only access road was likely to be covered with water. Just before that happened, the city authorities would close and lock the two gates that allowed traffic to flow through. And when that happens, the area will be minus two of the three parks that give so much pleasure to so many during better times.

Picnic canopies nearly covered!
Over across the way, the other park aka River Run had been inundated for a week or more as it was located at a slightly lower elevation. And now, with Shadowrock disappearing, that left only Empire Park to for boating, fishing and walking. So, who or what was to blame?
Empire Park always is high & dry!
When you factored in the fact that most of southwest Missouri had experienced near normal amounts of rainfall, one had to go a bit further afield to understand exactly why things were just slightly sideways. And, that search need go no further than northwest Arkansas where the Bull Shoals dam is located and which empties out into what amounts to a large stream. (A 'stream' that meanders its way down to the Mississippi River which is currently experiencing its own problems resulting from floods in the central and northern tier of states)! So, one could say that in cases were other states get excessive rainfall, that sort of event will sometimes (always) also impact the trio of lakes (Beaver) Tablerock and Bull Shoals) where I live.

In my view, this is not a very good state of affairs, not only for the Tri-Lakes area but also for other areas that were suffering even worse problems. I wonder if anyone, say the Corps of Engineers, has a clue as how to improve things in the future.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Empire Park 1000 foot sidewalk!

Forsyth Mo. - On any given nice day, I like to get out and stretch my legs by walking the 1000 foot sidewalk walking pat over by Empire Park near Forsyth Missouri. The round trip distance is about .38 of a mile and is quite restful.

On a recent trip, I noticed four pairs of ducks that had each given birth to a herd of about five to six ducklings each.

Monday, May 13, 2019

Sonic in Forsyth MO a very good deal!

Forsyth MO. - Whenever I make a decision to go and visit a fast food emporium, cost is one of the main factors I consider before making a commitment. Right after that, I will also generally consider overall food quality and consistency.

I was going to visit McD's on an otherwise fine day in May, but at the last minute, swung on into the local Sonics. I did so as I remembered that the last time I went to the other joint, the cost of a Big Mac and medium fries was almost seven bucks!  By contrast, a Sonic all beef hot dog and medium fries ran me only $4.53 including tax. The food tasted great and what with the trade war now in effect with China, I wanted to be a frugal as possible!

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Charlie's Steak, Ribs and Ale May 11th auction failed to capture a buyer!

Forsyth MO. - On a rainy and frankly a rather cold day in May, an upscale restaurant formerly known as Charlie's Steak, Ribs and Ale went on the auction block.

The owner's had hired Larry McKnight, owner of McKnight Auction Service and Reality, LLC as the agency that was going to do their best to sell the property lock stock and barrel. Mr. McKnight informed those assembled that the property was being 'sold as' is and that whatever price it was sold at would not have any hidden fees or attachments other than the regular closing costs associated with the sale of commercial properties. I estimated that the number of individuals was at about 25 plus. Sadly, the auction proceeded with not a single bid coming forth from anyone present.

Mr. McKnight did inform me that their company would explore 'other options', but to also make sure and tell anyone who had an interest in buying that they would work very hard to move this fine piece of commercial Real Estate. McKnight Auction is located at!

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Art Competition shows off stellar work by area High School Students!

The 28th Annual Adelyn Valett Art Competition, exhibition, and reception took place Tuesday, May 7, at 7:00 pm at the Taneyhills Community Library in Branson. High School students from Branson and Hollister participated in 14 different categories of artwork including pottery, various painting and drawing mediums, and photography.  Cash prizes along with ribbons were presented to the top juried winners.  All participants received certificates for being part of the elite group selected to participate.

Max Chapman of Branson received the evening’s top honor Best of Show for his Mixed Media “Lemons.” The coveted Judges’ Top Choice prize went to Yijie Zhas of Branson, for an Ink piece titled “The Worst of Times.”

Master of Ceremonies, former art teacher and Taneyhills Board Member, Faye Pfister, congratulated all the participants in this year’s competition and congratulated the art educators from both schools for their dedication and leadership in advancing art in todays world.  Art Instructors from Branson were Sunshine Ridinger, Ashley Hawkins, and Jessica Blackburn.  The Art Instructor from Hollister was Reggie Roepke.

Judges for the competition were Kelly Wrenn, John Swaffar, and Mark Lee. 

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Annual Master Gardener Sale!

Forsyth MO. - Despite gust winds, the annual Master Gardener Plant Sale for Forsyth Missouri went off on schedule on Saturday, April the 27th.

I had a chance to walk around and interact with a few of the fine men and women who belong to the Master Gardeners of the Ozarks on a day where quite a few eager customers braved winds gusting to 40 mph just to get a chance at shopping for perennials, natives, Herbs, ground covers and much more! Present were speakers and other volunteers who helped with selections and who even offered advice on garden planning.

I was told that this is an annual event that is held about the same time all across the area. (Next year, I plan to get the word out a lot earlier than I had done in 2019).

Shopping for a plant you liked was a real breeze as each pot had a colored stick of plastic with prices that ranged from .50 to only $4.

For more information, interested parties can contact the MU Extension Center at 417-546-4431 or they can visit!

Also worth mentioning is the Save A Lot store that has a very nice selection of flowing plants and
veggies currently on display in front of the store!At the store I scored a pair of Habanero starts for a couple of bucks. I like growing these guys on my condo balcony and then using the peppers in assorted hot sauces during the summer months.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Thrive Bistro Open for business!

Forsyth MO. - After being closed for some time, a local bistro named Thrive has reopened and is offering specialty drinks along with with mouth watering breakfast, lunch and dinner meals. Please give this business, which is located just across Main street from the library, a shot. Good people offering great food!
 Note that prices are subject to change.

As I am a sucker for all things pasta, I planned to do a report sometime soon, on their special spaghetti offering for lunch. Breakfast panini? What was that item? here is a pic I found on the net! Is it close to what Thrice is serving? I wasn't sure.

Update: I took a friend to lunch on May 30th and as a first time ever diner at Thrive, I would have to say that the experience was most enjoyable. My guest order a chicken salad sandwich while I tried the spaghetti platter with soft bread sticks. The only 'problem' I encountered was the slight extra wait time for the pasta to cook. That really wasn't a big deal, just make sure to inform anyone your dining with as to the extra five or so minutes.
The sauce was exquisite!
Other than that, the food was heavenly, the service beyond reproach and the cost moderate.I plan to have more lunches at this most intriguing little bistro!