Monday, July 15, 2019

Repairs to damaged gates could happen in early August!

Forsyth MO. - On or about June the 28th of this year, some form of flood debris damaged a part or parts of a pneumatic line that was used to inflate air bladders that would raise or lower the gates as needed. When this line was 'cut', a goodly section of the barrier lowered, allowing water to flow freely from Taneycomo. On July 15, I was able to get in touch with a spokesperson at Liberty Utilities who informed me that repairs would have to wait until the water level on the Bull Shoals side had dropped enough for it to be safe. I was told that level would be 685 feet above msl. (I had posted 675 feet and got a correction notice from Liberty Utilities - see update below)! A situation that could be hampered due to Bulls Shoals Dam in Arkansas having to restrict their release rates, somewhat, until things improved on the Mississippi (my assumption).

While it may be hard to see in the graphic above, those little black triangles represent sensors that show when the body of water they are located on is above flood stage. It would appear that the Missouri and Mississippi rivers were both a little high, (to say the least). What is not apparent, yet, would the be effect of all the rainfall dropped on the Mississippi by tropical storm Berry. Again the bottom line is, in my limited view, it could be quite a long period of time before these main waterways get back to something close to normal.

 Update From Liberty Utilities:

'Heavy rain and flooding conditions in the lower Mississippi river valley have impacted several of the lakes in our Southwest Missouri area. 

Flood debris recently caused damage to two sections of the spillway gates at our Ozark Beach dam on Lake Taneycomo. Because of the damage, these spillway gates can’t be raised due to broken or cracked air lines. A breach to the dam has not occurred, and there are no immediate safety concerns. Crews will repair the air line damage once the water level in Bull Shoals lake has dropped to 685 feet, allowing them to safely access the dam equipment. Until that time, residents may experience dropping lake levels at Lake Taneycomo. 
If you plan on boating at Lake Taneycomo now or in the near future, please check the lake levels before entering the water and practice caution while traveling on the lake. Repairs will be made to our Ozark Beach dam as soon as conditions allow.'

Extrapolating from that new guideline and assuming that we do not experience any more heavy rainfall in the near term, I cam up with the following graphic click on to expand):

If correct, the 685 foot level could be reached at or before August the 10th! That's a big 'if', however.

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Frosted Mug to offer spaghetti meal on Sunday in Forsyth Mo!

Date: Sunday, July 14, 2019
Time: 11 to 5PMish - Call for exact times.
Location: 15861 US-160, Forsyth, MO 65653
Tel: 417-546-4149 

Some fun pasta facts:
  • Spaghetto is the singular word for spaghetti. ...
  • Before machinery, pasta was kneaded by foot. ...
  • Al dente pasta not only tastes better, it keeps you full longer. ...
  • There are approximately 350 shapes of pasta... ...
  • The average Italian eats 60 pounds of pasta per year... ...
  • And a typical portion is only 100 grams.

Update: While this special was not over, I did get a chance to ask a customer how he felt about the fare. He told me that the sauce was great, the spaghetti a little over done, the garlic bread good and the small salad OK.

Disclaimer: Quantities may be limited, price subject to change, Sunday only

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Powersite Dam barrier broken and utility company seems clueless!

Forsyth MO. - On or about June the 28, Powersite Dam suffered a mechanical failure in a water blocking mechanism that normal projects up a few few allowing water to be withheld up to 702 feet or so. This insures that folks living along the Taneycomo waterway have water for their boats and docks to ride on. When it fails, the water is allowed to flow freely and so some dock owners awoke to find their stuff high and dry! Now it's been a couple of weeks and no repairs had yet been forthcoming.

I was also told that the Corps of Engineers were withholding water from Table Rock dam in an effort to get Taneycomo's level down far enough to replace what had broken. Powersite Dam, which is run by Liberty Utilities (formerly Empire), seemed clueless when a recent call to their Corporate office came up empty. No one seemed to know what the status of this repair effort was at! And, while they promised to call me back when they had an answer, I was left wondering just who is in charge concerning the Canadian owned enterprise... I'll post an update when I hear back from these folks.

Update: Monday, July 15, 2019 - I talked with a spokesperson from Liberty Utilities and was informed that the damage was to a pneumatic line that services the movable gates and that it will be inaccessible for repair until such time as the Bull Shoals water level drops to or below 675 feet msl. This morning Bull Shoals was at 687 feet.

Forsyth MO restaurants and other eateries in July 2019!

Forsyth MO. - If the town of Forsyth Missouri can boast about anything, it can concerning the number of eateries available to its some 2300 residents. Everything from fast food to family dining to Asian and Mexican specialty houses abound! In this post, I wanted to take a quick peek at all of them;

McD's - As you enter town from the north on Hwy 160, one of the first venues you'll likely run into would be McDonald's, a fast food enterprise situated on the corner of 160 and Coy Blvd. And, while I haven't stepped inside the place for some number of months, it looks to always be doing a brisk business. [One rumor I had heard was that this location was to soon sport auto cashier stations. I've also noticed that the prices are on the high side.]

Sonics - Just a little further south on Hwy 160, also on the left side and just past the Country Mart grocery store is a Sonics. I still do the drive thru from time to time and generally order a premium hotdog and fries. This is one of very few locations where you can get yourself a good dawg at a reasonable price.

Mountain William Pizza - This relatively new venue that used to be the Mexican Burrito place has an interesting menu in that they offer both pizza and pasta dishes. I really wanted to stop in an order a gold old dish of spaghetti and meatballs, but a current diet I was on prevented me from going there. I hoped to remedy that sometime in early August when I was a bit slimmer.

Yummy Donuts - Located just down the line of this eatery killers row is a place that I had not yet attended. As a man on a low carb diet, I just haven't had the nerve to step across the threshold. Others more bold than me tell me that the food there is divine.

Frosted Mug -  This venerable old location is one of the few all smoking restaurant/ bars in the area. When I go there to eat, I'll often order either tacos (a special on Wednesday) or the French dip and French fries which are specially priced on Tuesdays. You can eat there or have carry out. Your choice.

Oaxaca - The one and only true Mexican restaurant in town sports a very large menu selection. I ate there, recently, and enjoyed the food. I had a taco, burrito and rice combo which was great although I also felt that the prices were just a tad high.

Long Horn - Another long standing family dining affair serves up a mean hamburger and fries. I go there on a regular basis for both breakfast and lunch.

Fat Daddy's - Pulled pork on a bun with a side of fries is a favorite of mine. FD's is all about BBQ and they live up to the fine tasting rep they have.

Charlies - Currently closed.

Thrive bistro - Situated just across from the Forsyth public library is a nice little venue that serves an assortment of Italian leaning entrees. Recently, when I dined there I had their angel hair spaghetti and sauce offering with garlic bread sticks which was fabulous!

Shadowrock Cafe and Grill - Currently closed.

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Just water under the bridge! Circa 2019!

Forsyth Mo - On April 18, 2010, I recorded a sound set by a band at the Frosted Mug. The song was about life experiences now under the bridge. As a Nation, on the eve of our Declaration of Freedom from foreign shore tyranny and oppression, a date which we call Independence Day, I do so submit this rendition... enjoy -

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Powersite Dam problems!

Forsyth MO. - On or about  the 28th of June, 2019, a air bladder mechanism failed at Powersite Dam resulting in the top retention area lowering. This allowed water levels at Taneycomo Lake to plummet to such an extent that some dock owners went out to find their docks were resting on mud!

The effects of lowering water levels fro 702 feet msl to 698 were easy to see! Areas that were normally covered with two to three feet of water were laid bare!