Friday, March 9, 2018

Shopping at Country Mart!

15720 U.S. 160, Forsyth, MO 65653 * 417-546-2101
Forsyth MO – It was a Friday and with a scrawled grocery list grasped firmly in hand, I headed out to the local Country Mart to buy myself a bit of food. The day was pretty typical for early to mid March; cloudy with a noticeable southwest wind that hinted at some rain later on in the day. I parked my aging Jeep in a spot far enough from the entrance to ensure I'd get at least some exercise that day.

The Country Mart is one of about four employee owned stores that exist in and around southwest Missouri. They offer a very satisfying selection of foods, liquors, Deli and pharmaceutical items.

The store in Forsyth MO. is nicely laid out and after having shopped there for a number of years, I've got it pretty well figured out. The employees there are a very nice bunch of individuals who always seem to make an effort at being cheerful and helpful. Randy, who manages the Produce Department is one of the hardest working individuals I've ever seen. (His produce is always very well maintained, fresh and inviting). The Deli area isn't too shabby either and in that spot you will often find the very good natured Sheila, who always seems to laugh at my inane comments. (I've never really figured out if she laughs because she thinks I'm funny or if she's just laughing at me...). Whichever, she's a good person and it shows!

On this day, my list was short for two reasons; lack of much money and the fact I'm on a perennial diet. I had it in mind to make up a batch of chili which I like to mix into a bowl of pasta for a sort of Cincinnati-styled dish where I'll add some minced onion and cheese to the affair. Interestingly, if you keep the portions of some sort of sane amounts, this dish is not a diet breaker. (It's not a diet fixer either, but at my age one does the best one can). In any case, I was able to locate all the stuff I needed very quickly and have always felt that the prices are better than what could be found elsewhere. Thanks Country Mart!

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