Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Branson Missouri sustains damage from storm! Injuries reported!

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Prelim – Branson Missouri - An early morning storm that brought high winds and a possible tornado raced down the 'Strip' on Highway 76 in Branson Wednesday early morning when most people were asleep in their beds.

Early reports of damage included the Legends Theater and an unnamed hotel located on Gretna Road that preliminary reports indicate may have partially collapsed. There were also sketchy reports that the iconic Candlestick Restaurant may have suffered some damage from the storm while another popular restaurant on the strip named Charlie's Steak and Ale incurred a broken water main. Emergency crews also reported many trees and power-lines were down across area roads which may complicate the morning commute.

One later report indicated some damage to homes in the Powersite area, while Forsyth and Rockaway Beach seem to have weathered the storm rather well with only minor damage reported.

As the sun came up on Wednesday morning, police had closed of Highway 76 also known as the 'Strip' along its entire length.One police report indicated that barricades have been ordered. If true, then early reports of extensive damage may prove true. Here s some early footage of the damage via OzarksFirst! I also submitted a short You Tube Video on this event!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Ozarks Family Vision – I can see clearly now!

One of the best respected vision centers in southwest Missouri is located right here in Forsyth! At least one branch of it is. The Ozarks Family Vision center also has offices in Branson and Ava serving tens of thousands of customers!

Dr. Stacey Bowling
I happened on this business after having destroyed my eyeglasses inadvertently one afternoon. I was a walk-in, yet was handled as though I'd been a long term customer. The folks at OFV are located at 14974 US Hey 160 which is just a few miles north of the Forsyth business district on 160, so they're easy to get to. The staff there was professional and courteous and I was able to see a doctor (Dr. Bowling) after just a short wait. The entire process took only about an hour and I was impressed with how technologically up to date their test equipment was.

Stop in and give these folks a try! You'll be glad you did.

Monday, February 6, 2012

River Run Update for Feb 6, 2012

For a day in early February, seeing a temperature of 52F is pretty nice. I got out and walked a bit in River Run Park to see what I could see.  For starters, the sky was a brilliant blue and the sun felt warm even in spite of the cool breeze that came out of the west.

As I walked, I noticed there were a few others engaged in various activities including one couple that was busy cutting up a tree that had fallen due to the previous years flooding. Two more were out, as I was, walking around enjoying a chance to get some exercise on a nice day. Even a few fishermen were trying their luck, I think, as I spied some trucks over by the boat launch.

One piece of good news concerns the many camping spots. I think now all these have been steam cleaned and look in very good shape. The bathrooms have been cleaned and there was even a hint of grass growing here and there in some spots. All good indicators that spring might not be far off.

At right, you might be able to see the large tree log that got wedged in a tree when the flood waters receded last fall!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Pizza at the Frosted Mug in Forsyth Missouri!

Recently, I brought my stomach and ravenous appetite to the Frosted Mug located at 15861 US Hwy 160 in Forsyth, Missouri! After going through a change in management, I was curious to see if their signature offering of pizza had gotten better or worst or just stayed about the same.

I arrived in the late afternoon on a Saturday in early February when the weather outside was serving up cool temperatures under cloudy skies. The perfect kind of weather in which to enjoy a hot, cheesy pizza! (Actually, any old day is a good day for pizza – a fact my expanding waistline will readily attest to).

According to the menu, I noticed they offer a pretty wide variety of types and sizes, designed to fit needs ranging from single diners to large gatherings. On this visit, my eyes were quickly attracted to both the vegetable and meat versions. I inquired if I could have a little of both and was told it would not be a problem.

While I was waiting for my pizza to be prepared from scratch, I contented myself to ordering a cold frosted mug for which this establishment is named. Hmm. Let me see now, cold beer and pizza! Can it get much better that? While sipping my beer, I had a chance to look around to see what was what. I’ve been coming to the Mug for many years now and have always been impressed with the warm homey feeling that the place exudes.

On this day, that same feeling was still there and maybe this sounds silly, but the staff seemed very friendly and upbeat! Some of them were new, like Karen, who graciously served me during my visit. In the picture below, Heather is showing off the pizza I ordered which I understand is a new creation to be found only at the Mug!

OK, now down to the nitty-gritty. The pizza – was it great, so-so or terrible?? I’ll tell you this about that. It was so good, that half of it was gone before I even realized it. This pizza was absolutely addictive. It reminded me of years back when I used to go to the world famous pizza emporium in Chicago known as Lou Malnati's Pizzeria! They served a deep dish pizza that had customers lined up on the street, just to get in. This pizza was all that and more!

If you get a chance, please stop in and check out this wonderful and friendly icon. The Frosted Mug can be reached at 417) 546-4149 during regular business hours.

Disclaimer: All views expressed here are the sole opinion of the author and were provided as a public service. 2012.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February 1, 2012 Shadow Rock Park Update!

You know, for all the flooding we had in 2011, I have to admit the Shadow Rock and River Run parks both look to be in pretty good shape. I feel this was due, in no little part, to efforts by the volunteers and city workers who spent time earlier this fall to help clean things up.

Today, the first of February it’s 64F outside as I stroll around, camera in hand. For whatever reason, the really cold air has been bottled up way to the north and so we have had a mild winter. I heard on the TV that Chicago has had the mildest winter in over 80 years! (Well, if that city is warm, then you know it’s got to be even warmer this far south)!

Today, there were quite a few people out and about in the area; either driving around in their cars our out in a boat. I was too far from the fishermen to ask how their luck was, but I’m hoping it was fair to middling.

Over on the River Run side, someone has been working on cleaning up the public showers and bathrooms. In addition, most of the driftwood has also been removed, so it looks like it’s getting close to being good to go also.

I know what’s on a lot of people minds as we edge towards spring. That is, will the rains be as heavy as they were last April and May? I can’t tell you what Mother Nature is planning on, but I sure hope not. It’s just that over the last five years, it seems the park has been flooded more often than not.

I’ll try and get another report out later this month. Hope everyone stays warm and dry!