Saturday, January 19, 2019

Read and Recycle books at Taneyhills!

Used books are bringing in the tourists. That statement is true at the Ye Olde Book Shoppe inside the lower level of the Taneyhills Community Library.

“Tourists are our biggest patrons,” attests Kenton Olson, Bookstore Manager. “We have many repeat visitors who come in. They will often buy $20 to $40 worth of books.”

The Ye Olde Book Shoppe sells hardcover books for $5 or less. Bargains can be found in the $3 room.  That is another surprise.

The bookstore gets its inventory from Taneyhills supporters and decommissioned books from the library upstairs. With a living room setting complete with a sofa and stuffed chairs, the bookstore is like a miniature Barnes and Noble. Besides a huge fiction selection, it carries just about every non-fiction subject from politics and religion to “Star Wars” and paranormal. We also have a selection of children’s books.

The store recently received a significant donation of hardback novels by prominent and favorite authors such as James Patterson, Stephen King, C. J. Box and Dean Koontz.  Olson stated these authors might be priced a little higher due to their collectability.

All book sales from the store are part of the vital income contributions toward keeping the library open. Unfortunately, Taneyhills receives no tax funding from the federal, state, county, or local levels.

The Ye Olde Book Shoppe is open Tuesday – Friday 10:00-4:00 pm; Saturday’s 10:00-12:30 pm. It is located on the lower level of the Taneyhills Community Library, 2000 S. 4th street in Branson, across the hall from the Library’s Thrift Store.

Taneyhills Community Library
200 S. 4th Street
Branson, MO 65616

Friday, January 18, 2019

Wandering around Forsyth MO in January 2019!

It was mid January, 2019 and I got it in my head to do a drive-around in Forsyth Missouri. As I live there and am curious, I wanted to tally up any changes that I could observe. For those with any interest, the town has a population of about 2,300 - It's been around since 1837 and is named after John Forsyth, 13th United States Secretary of State. A Civil War battle was fought there and it is currently the County Seat of Taney County, Missouri!

For such a small Midwestern town, Forsyth enjoys over ten eateries, which might explain why some of the locals (me included) are just a tad overweight...

Bull Shoals bridge and roundabout!

It had been a month or more since I had visited the site of the new Bull Shoals bridge and roundabout construction area, just to the east of Forsyth on Highway 160. I was happy to see that most everything had been done and found the roundabout to be very easy to navigate. I really did think that the traffic flow is vastly improved both now and in the years to come. Kudos to MoDot for a job well done!

Peggy's Park Place closed!

I was with some consternation that I learned that the Park Place convenience store had closed. A friend had texted this news to me and so I drove down to the store, located near the Bull Shoals bridge, to see what was going on. The sign on the door plainly indicated that the venue had 'gone out of business'. Sad.

Shadowrock Lodge not yet open!

While I was in the area, I stopped by the Shadowrock Lodge to try and learn whether or not they planned to open the bar and grill anytime soon. I had observed various workmen over there, from time to time, but saw no real indications (signs, etc) of any sort of opening date. When I drove by on January the 19th, there was no one present on the premises, as best I could tell.

Mexican- Burrito restaurant closes!

What had been a laundromat many years ago, and which had been the site of numerous restaurant startups, the latest edition aka the Mexican-Burrito restaurant had apparently also taken a siesta and was now closed. I was unable to get any information as to whether or not the establishment will re-open or will remain closed.

That leaves just Oaxaca as one of the only venues left to get authentic Mexican cuisine and I've heard a rumor that it too may be relocating soon...

Charlie's restaurant still up for sale!

Now going into its second year of being for sale or lease, the former Charlies Steak Ribs and Ale restaurant remains available. When it was open, Charlies was arguably one of the most upscale restaurants in the area. (That honor perhaps now going to either Fat Daddy's or the Long Horn Family Dining establishments). In any case, I was hoping to see this fine establishment under new ownership very soon!

Shadowrock and River Run Parks!

On a better note, both Shadowrock and River Run were looking great. I noticed that the entrance to River Run, off Highway 76 had really been cleaned up (pic at left), making the Park area easy to see from the road. Both parks were open, which was somewhat surprising, as during the last government shutdown under Obama, River Run was closed! That said, it was looking as though all we really had to worry about come the spring of 2019 would be heavy rains... I'll try and keep tabs on this at my weather site.

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Country Mart Norkotah Russet potatoes! A bargain!

ORIGIN: Selected from a cross made in North Dakota between ND9526-4 Russ x ND9687-5 Russ and tested as ND534-4 Russ. Released by North Dakota in 1987.

CHARACTERISTICS: Russet Norkotah is an early to medium maturity cultivar grown primarily for the fresh market. Yields are medium and tuber specific gravity is low to medium.

Plants are medium sized, slightly upright; stems are medium thick with non-pigmented nodes and internodes. Leaves are medium in size, open and slightly pubescent. Buds are slightly pigmented, corolla is white and anthers are yellow-orange. Tubers are long to oblong, smooth, russeted and have shallow, bright golden eyes. Tuber flesh is white, dormancy is medium and sprouts are white with some purple pigment at the tip.

STRENGTHS & WEAKNESSES: Russet Norkotah has a very attractive general appearance with a high percentage of U.S. No. 1 tubers. Tuber shape and type are very desirable for the count-carton market. The variety is not well suited for processing. It is adaptable to many of the growing areas.
Russet Norkotah is susceptible to most viruses and late blight. It is very susceptible to Verticillium wilt and early blight. It is reported to have some tolerance to common scab and silver scurf.
Above are the basics concerning the five pound bagged potatoes that are offered at the Country Mart store located in Forsyth Missouri. I like to buy these to take home as they are an excellent value. Following are some raw stats I came up with:

Count per bag: ~12 potatoes costing $2.99
Avg small found in bag: 185 grams
Avg large found in bag: 234 grams
Avg combined = ~210 grams or 7.4 ounces per potato (a medium size tater)
Avg cost per per potato = .28 cents
Avg calories per potato = 204 calories

The above numbers came from a bag I purchased and from figures gleaned off the net. I noted that the calories weren't bad at all. I guess it might be the stuff we like to add (like butter) that can balloon those numbers up a lot! This article appeared at!

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Frosted Mug meal offering!

Forsyth MO. - Every year, for a long time, John's Frosted Mug located at 15861 US-160 in Forsyth Missouri has offered a great tasting Christmas meal on Christmas Day! And if I remember correctly, the meal is offered for much of the day starting at 11AM! Inquiries can be made by calling 417-546-4149!

Monday, December 17, 2018

Post Office mangles envelope and fails to get it delivered!

Forsyth MO. - I've spent the better part of a long life never having to worry about the mail system. But, in just the past few years, I've had my mail misdirected, received other people's mail (bank statements) and most recently I got the pictured payment envelope returned 17 days after it was placed into the mailbox at the local Post Office!

Late payments not only can incur fees, but can also do damage to a person's credit history. And, the add insult to injury, the number that the Post Office supplied to discuss this event was always busy, even after trying to call them nine times!Post Office mangles envelope and fails to get it delivered!

I've elected to bypass this agency as much as possible in the future.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Lots of activity at the roundabout near Forsyth MO!

Forsyth MO. - Anyone who has driven past the Shadowrock Lodge located near Peggy's Park Place may notice two things; 1) that the roundabout is getting a lot closer to completion and 2) that there has been some increased activity over at the Lodge. here are a few personal notes;

The Roundabout
When completed in a few weeks, the new bridge and roundabout will be able to handle the expected increase in area traffic over the next decade or so. This will benefit everyone in the area as vacationers, campers and fishermen return this spring to enjoy both the River Run and Shadowrock Park areas!

The Shadowrock Bar and Cafe
I had a chance to talk with one of the owners, a day or so ago, and learned that everything is progressing towards the opening of a bar sometime in early January. On the day of my visit, construction and communications people were in evidence, and while the interior was a work in  progress, I could see that this venue was going to become a popular social meeting place as we got into 2019. As soon as I'm given permission, I plan to release more details on the approval of the current management.