Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Long Horn Family Dining!

Forsyth MO. - In what's become a rare occurrence, as of late, I arose on an overcast and rain swept morning in February and went out for breakfast. I choose the Long Horn Family Dining restaurant as it had been some time since I last ate there.

The establishment is located on the Highway 160 strip that runs through Forsyth and is located right across from Fat Daddy's BBQ. There menu is strictly down home country fare and I've learned to trust them and the quality of their food offerings over a long period of time.

Today was really to be more or less an update as I've written a fair number of articles about eating there in the past and have generally giving them great reviews. Today was no exception other than to make one remark about the god awful size of the fork I was given! It was the kind of fork a really large man might enjoy, but for me it was a bit like eating with a spatula! That said the food was excellent and the prices were fair (for 2018).

Saturday, February 3, 2018

That leftover bridge could be utilized!!

Forsyth MO. – Sometime in the coming fall of 2018, the new bridge over Bull Shoals will be completed. When that happens, it's my understanding that the old bridge will stay, be sealed off with foot and bicycle traffic still being allowed.

While looking at a picture of that bridge (above), it occurred to me that there is a decent amount of space along that span! Space that perhaps could be utilized to some extent in future years.

Specifically, I was thinking about small vendor stalls being erected along one lane that could be made available to anyone who wanted to walk up and purchase whatever it was being sold. Of course, parking spaces would be needed at the end opposite the turnaround. I was thinking something like 20 or so spaces where someone could park their vehicle and then stroll along the bridge. Perhaps even steps could be created just before the turnaround area to give walkers access to and from Shadowrock Park. Now, I'm aware that this would be a tall infrastructure order. The area would need power, water and toilet and waste facilities. Still, if done right, it would be unique...

Such a setup, if done properly, would be sure to garner some national press. Something that would be very good for our area.