Sunday, June 27, 2010

Tropical depression Alex may (or may not) affect Missouri at some point

As of June the 27th, the tropical storm named Alex is still getting its act together down in the Gulf of Mexico where it is expected to strengthen considerably over the next few days over warm Gulf waters. Then, after it makes landfall sometime around Thursday, it might just make a sweep through the southwest portion of Missouri toward the coming weekend as the probability map here suggests. So, another chance for heavy rain could be in the cards for next week sometime.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Taney County Fair Video is now available

One would think, after shooting hours of video, that I would be able to come up with some sort of story line to visually show what was a most excellent five day event. Trouble was, a County Fair by its very nature, is a chaotic mix of many elements. There are crafts, music, food vendors, rides and politicians all competing for your attention.. Throw in some animals running amok and automobiles bent on complete destruction and what you get is a visceral and informational miasma that pleasantly assaults the senses from every direction. (Sort of like Congress on a good day).

So, putting something together for my You Tube Channel video was rather a challenge.  Not wanting to subject my audience to the raucous sounds of machinery gone wild!  I attempted to match a background musical track that had some semblance of relationship to the topic at hand. In the end, I came to realize that a Fair is really more about the people that attend it and how well they enjoy the experience, Thanks DanO!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Fireworks Display on June 26th

Saturday, June the 26th is a date to mark on your calendar. The Gift of Hope, a local charitable organization will be hosting a fundraiser at Shadowrock Park in Forsyth, Missouri from 6 to 9PM. Starting at 7PM will be entertainment by Big Smith. There will be fun and games for the kids with a raffle for adults that includes items like a flat screen TV and round trip tickets from the Branson Airport. There will also be an awesome fireworks display as soon as it gets dark or shortly after 9PM(note: the Fireworks display is free). Advance $10 tickets can be purchased at the Country Mart grocery in town as well as at other locations. Cost at the gate will be $12. For additional information you may call 417 546-8062 or checkout their web page at

Taney County Fair Update

Friday afternoon at the Taney County Fair was a great time in spite of the heat. With temperatures hovering in the nineties, it was great to feel a nice breeze kick up in the late afternoon. This week marks the longest days of the year with the sun still shining brightly at 7:30 PM. I was able to walk around and talk to many of the candidates for public office, both incumbents and those running for the first time. Everyone including Chuck Pennel (presiding Commissioner), Scott Starrett, Ron Houseman, Donna Neeley and all the others were very cordial and open to questions.

That evening, starting at 7PM, the arena was the central point of attention as the Garden Tractor pull got off with a roar. I was amazed at how many different types of tractors there were and by how powerful they appeared to be, They were also pretty loud as each contestant attempted to pull a special sled that was rigged to be more difficult to pull the further the tractor pulls it.

Tonight, Saturday, the 19th is the main event in my opinion as the Demolition Derby will begin at 7PM. Watching a bunch of cars get destroyed is always a good crowd pleaser and this year should see a good attendance. It’s cheap entertainment at only $5 at the gate. So, come on down and I’ll see you there!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Taney County Fair

The Fair, now in its third day of a five day run, has proven to be worth every penny of the $5 daily admission price. Spread out over much of Shadow Rock Park in Forsyth Missouri the Taney County Fair provides a lot of fun for all ages. There are more rides than I’ve seen in recent years and food is available for almost any taste. On my last visit I had a slice of pizza that was out of this world. There are also corn dogs, hamburgers and even cotton candy for sale by the various vendors.

The Fair is also a good opportunity to have a chance to get up close and personnel with some of the politicians that are running for office this fall. They have booths set up and are more than happy to discuss the issues of the day. Some of these politicians will be speaking publicly on the stage at around 7PM on Friday evening.

Tonight (Thurs, June the 17th) at 6:30PM the very popular Little Miss Taney Beauty Contest will be held on the stage. Then at 7PM get ready for some hilarious action as the kids get a chance at Mutton Bustin. This will be followed by a good old fashioned Steer and Calf riding contest.

So grab your family and friends and come out to make an evening of it.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Taney County Fair Summary

Event Dates: Tuesday, June 15th through Saturday, June 19th, 2010

Stage Entertainment:

Tuesday, June 15th – Thrill Billys 7PM
Wednesday, June 16th – Mike & Nancy Micham 7PM
Thursday, June 17th – Little Miss Taney County – 6:30 PM
Friday, June 18th – Open mic & Politicians speak – 7PM
Saturday, June 19th – Open Mic – 7PM

Arena Events:
Tuesday, June 15th - Rodeo 7PM
Wednesday, June 16th - Rodeo 7PM
Thursday, June 17th - Mutton Bustin  7PM
Friday, June 18th - Garden Tractor Pull 7PM
Saturday, June 19th - Demolition Derby 7PM

Demolition Derby

This is one of those events that feels uniquely American to me! I attended the event last year and have to tell you it was a very enjoyable experience. The action starts at 7PM! Make sure you attend!

There will also be a Horseshoe Event on Saturday at 8:30 AM

Admission is $5 each day. Arm bands are $16.00 for the rides. The Gate opens at 4PM each day.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Yarn Diva Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

A ribbon cutting ceremony will be held at:

10726 E. State Hwy 76, Suite C
Forsyth, MO  65653
Owner: Sharon Betz

Date: June the 15th at 11:30 AM.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Sully’s Old Fashioned Family Restaurant Rating, Forsyth Missouri

My recent decision to eat at this new restaurant in Forsyth Missouri was not without some trepidation on my part. Shortly after it opened in May 2010, I’d heard a few rumors to the effect that the service was a little on the slow side and that some orders were not properly cooked. (This may have been simply due to the fact that the waiters and cooking staff were new. Or, it might have also been an attempt by others to simply discredit a new restaurant in a town where there are quite a few eateries already). So, I decided to check the venue out myself.

On this day, I invited along my sister to go have lunch and to sample their midday fare. This was on a Friday at about 12:30 PM. We arrived and noted a few cars parked in the lot. One of them, I noted, was a Department of Health vehicle. Turns out the inspector was eating there. I took that as a good sign.

Upon entering, my impression of the place was optimistic. The tables were clean and well maintained. We found a booth in the back area of the smoke free establishment and did not wait very long for service (maybe a minute or so). Our waitress was a lady we had met before named Peggy who had served us while working at another restaurant. Peggy, in my opinion, is a top notch server and a pleasure to talk to.

For lunch, we both elected to order the quarter pound Angus beef hamburger. I also ordered the half pound of French Fries which came to $4.99 for the meal and $1.50 for a large coke. I did not have to wait but a few minutes for the food to arrive and found the meat to be medium well done but still juicy while the fries were crisp and delicious. My sister’s only complaint was that the buns were not toasted.

This establishment can seat at least 75 to 100 (not sure what the fire code allows for) and the back area looks perfect for groups as the central tables can easily be moved together.

I ranked this visit as follows:

Quality of Service (1= I’ve been mugged & assaulted to a 10 = I want to put this waitress in my will!)

On this visit, I gave them a 9 rating overall. The waitress was a real pleasure!

Quality of Cuisine (1= I’m poisoned, call 911 to a 10 = I’m in heaven, so leave me alone!)

Great hamburger and fries. I gave this meal a 9 as did my sister.

Overall Experience (1= A toxic cesspool, to a 10 = I’m setting up my bed in the back!)

The restaurant was quiet, clean and I felt very comfortable being there. For this visit, I gave them a 9 rating.

In conclusion, while I cannot speak for the truth or possible falsity of rumors, I can state that my visit there was nice enough that I intend to eat there on as regular a basis as my diet will allow.

Consumers Pull Back Spending in May 2010

In a setback for the U.S. economic recovery, retail sales unexpectedly fell hard in May as consumers pulled back their spending on things from cars to clothing.

Retail sales tumbled 1.2%, the Commerce Department said Friday, prompting one forecaster to lower its outlook on second-quarter economic growth.

The retail sales report "is a reminder that households are not going to be the engine of growth for some time," Capital Economics economist Paul Dales wrote in a note, adding that the retail sales report "dramatically weakens the outlook for consumption growth in the second quarter."

Sectors showing losses:

Building and Garden Supply      -9.3%
Autos                                       -1.7%
Gas stations                              -3.3%
Clothing stores                          -1.3%

In spite of this and the high unemployment rate, some sectors showed modest gains:

Furniture sales                          1.0%
Electronic and Appliance          0.6%
Health and personal care           0.3%
Internet sales                            2.0%
Sporting Goods and Hobby      0.4%
Restaurant and bar                    0.1%

"Consumers are still shopping despite high unemployment, sluggish income growth, and relatively tight credit," said Insight Economics analyst Steven Wood.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fireworks at New Vision General Baptist Church

On Sunday June the 27th, the New Vision General Baptist Church in Taneyville Missouri is having a service from 7 to 8PM with fireworks beginning at dark. Dinner will be provided from 5 to 6:30 PM. Be sure to bring blankets and lawn chairs if you are staying for the fireworks. For more information you can call 546-3112 or 546-6096.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bridge Progress in Hollister-Branson June 2010

I had a chance to go down and get a picture of the work being done to construct a new access road from the Hollister side to the Branson side which will eventually be a one way road after the old bridge is resurfaced sometime in 2011. A gentleman that was driving a truck carrying trusses by the name of Tom informed me that the new bridge should be completed by November or December of this year. That’s the rumor he’s heard at least. What surprised me was the fact that getting across was not the nightmare I had been told. I actually crossed without having to stop once for construction crews! So, for the short term, at least, if you live to the east as in Kirbyville or Forsyth and you want to go that way to get into Branson, have at it.