Monday, April 24, 2017

Taneynet in Forsyth MO!

Forsyth MO. – Located across the street from Southern Bank is a recently opened business called TaneyNet. They opened in October 2016 and provide great Internet service that competes with such providers as Mediacom, Centurylink and SuddenLink, to name a few. And while this service does not provide TV services, the do offer a low cost alternative to getting the Internet at home, business or schools.

I had the chance to stop in to pay a short visit with their Director of Operations, Bill VanKirk who was kind enough to fill me in on some of the more technical aspects of their operation. Unlike the other services, which provide either cable or DSL (digital subscriber line) communications, TaneyNet uses high tech equipment in the form of a 'mini dish' to communicate directly with a tower using the newer 802.11AC protocol. The have plenty of bandwidth to offer their customers starting at:

Fees valid at the time of posting

They do also require a $200 deposit to help cover the cost of the equipment and are currently running about three weeks out for new installs. On a happy note, there is no contract and so you can cancel their service at any time. I plan on giving this company a try early this summer when my current contract with Mediacom expires. The folks at Taneynet can be reached by calling 417-251-9012 during normal business hours! I also plan to do another report, later in the summer, as to how well I feel their service works!

May 3 update:  'Good morning everyone. This is Rodney Ballance, CEO of Taneynet. I wanted to personally inform you that we are temporarily suspending new sales for internet until we deliver to everyone who has been waiting.

If you have been waiting for service, expect a phone call and/or an E-mail from our team over the next week with an update on your status. We have made numerous personnel and policy changes in an effort to better serve you. I personally apologize for the lack of communication in the past, and the delays in providing you with excellent internet service.' [Gleamed from a FB post].

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Forsyth Express Lube!

194 Coy Blvd, Forsyth MO. | 417-545-2557
 Forsyth MO. - Just behind Casey's on Coy Blvd, you will discover that the Forsyth Express Lube is open and ready for business! I needed an oil change and it was certainly nice to not have to drive very far to find a full service center that can do most automotive jobs and which is situated so close to my home! The center is managed by a young fellow named Cody Cheek, who along with another man name Zach can get you serviced and back on the road in as little as 15 minutes!

Zack and Cody at work!
The service center offers an extensive list of auto services including standard items like oil changes, batteries and tires! If you have a problem, just give them a call and they'll do their best to make everything right! They are open every day except for Sunday and handled my vehicle in a prompt professional manner! Their prices are also very reasonable and they offer both conventional and synthetic oils!

UPDATE: August 28, 2017 - I stopped in for an oil change and there was no waiting! 

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Peggy's Park Place Market in Forsyth MO

 Forsyth MO. - What with the summer season just around the corner, area parks near my southwestern town in Missouri are already filling up with vacationers and sportsmen from all over! Shadowrock Park and River Run Park are enjoyed by a host of people, both local and those who travel in from distant locales, just so they can enjoy one of the best vacation spots in America.

Thank goodness our park areas have a well stocked and 'most always open' convenience store located nearby! At Peggy's Park Place Market, hungry folks can find just about anything their hearts desire including; beer, liquor, wine, drinks, snacks and other assorted must have sundries. Peggy's even supports a mini deli where one can purchase a wide variety of meats and assorted sandwiches that are sure to please most anyone's appetite!

If you like to fish, Peggy's also offers a complete line of sought after tackle including fishing line, hooks, bait and weights all at competitive prices! Peggy's Park Place Market is open 7 days a week from 6AM to 10PM and can be reached by calling 417-546-5845! Also see this short piece!