Friday, May 8, 2015

Mobile 1 Station in Forsyth MO under new ownership!

On the occasion of getting my oil changed in my vehicle, I was surprised to find that the Mobile 1 service facility located at 194 Coy Blvd., in Forsyth Missouri, was under new ownership when I drove over there to set an appointment! I had a chance to talk briefly with Dennis Renteria, the new owner, who seemed intelligent and nice. I made an appointment the next day at 8AM for an oil change and inspection. The next day, I arrived and was taken care of promptly and professionally. And, while I'm not clear on what happen with the previous ownership, this new guy seems to be OK. 

The facility was clean, equipped with bathrooms and the mechanic, Mike, who serviced my car told me that he had worked briefly under the old management, had quit and then come back to work for Dennis and was very happy with the way he ran things. Time will tell on well this service location is accepted by the community.

I included the business card for the information it has on it, but neglected to find out their business hours. I would guess you can call them to find that out. This facility is a full auto service and repair location for most any auto related problem you might have!

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