Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tri-Lakes Motors does take care of its customers!

Recently, I received a recall notice from the folks at Chrysler who wanted me to bring my Jeep Liberty in for replacement of some rear stabilizers they felt might be defective. I immediately called and got an early morning appointment for the next day.  Now, mind you, it’s been quite some time since I visited this dealership. I remember that I bought my 2006 Jeep in the summer of 2007 and other than one maintenance service call that was the last time I’d been there.

That next morning I pulled into the service area and was taken care of immediately. The service personnel seemed to be upbeat and professional. Even my waiting in the dreaded ‘waiting room’ turned out to be pleasant as I ended up talking to some other nice folks who were getting their vehicles serviced. Even though the wait was for two hours, the time when by quickly. (The waiting are sports a TV, free computer, vending machines, bathrooms, magazines and free coffee). It was sort of like hanging around my house.

The repair went smoothly and I would have to say that this establishment seems to have a great desire to take care of their customers. I would recommend Tri-Lakes Motors to any and everyone.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

It’s mid summer at River Run Park!

It’s just after 10AM on a sunny July the 11th with a temperature standing at 80F (but which is destined to reach 90F before the day is done). And, while the sky overhead is clear, I can see haze along with some scattered cumulus clouds near the horizon.

I’m sitting at campsite #27, one of about a dozen still without power due to flooding that occurred the year before. After the waters finally receded, they had done a number on the power outlet boxes for the campsite that run along the rivers edge. Fortunately, ten other campsites that lie on higher ground were spared and today about half are occupied with RV’s. These sites cost $18 per day and offer both power and water, while the water only sites are going for $9.

It being midweek, the park was not very crowded. Those that were here, however, were taking advantage of the much lower temperatures than what was the regime just a week before. According the weather service, things should be relatively normal for the mid section of the month with daytime readings of about 90 followed by evenings in the low seventies.

It was gratifying to see one of the Corps of Engineer people out repairing the bath house and I hope to hear that all the campsites will be brought back up to code fairly soon. I was also pleased to see that the signs at the entrance of the Park had been refurbished!

Update: Shortly before closing for the winter - all the affect power outlets were removed and replaced! This was done in September and come next spring, the park should be clean and fully functional!

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Sunday, July 1, 2012

City Council Meetings on You Tube! A good idea? Well no, maybe not!

Taney County Web page allows anyone to listen in

At first blush, you’d think this to be a good idea. Perhaps even a great idea. But, after a little time to reflect, some problems begin to show up.

First up, by just having a video camera in the room, taping the entire proceedings could pose problems. Believe it or not, some people could go from ‘open’ mode to ‘quiet’ mode as they realize that everything they say will be later scrutinized by an inquiring public. (Something a politician is all too aware of). It so true that words uttered in casual mode cannot be taken back once those words are recorded and then launched on the internet. End result, the meeting might become stifled.

Another problem (one that can be fixed) is the potential for equipment malfunction where part or most of the recording is lost. This could be corrected in a number of ways. Firstly, taping an entire hour long meeting would require enormous amount of digital space. Also, there’s a problem with YouTube limiting a segment to just ten minutes. You’d need something like six segments to cover just one meeting. Another fly in the ointment would be to try editing out parts of the meeting in order to save time. That would inevitably create a conflict when some would demand to see the parts that were edited out. Bummer.

So, is there any solution that could work? Sure, one thing that could be considered would be to do a ‘live’ podcast in the same manner that Taney County already does for its meetings. In addition, these recordings can be left on that .com’s server for access later on by the public. That would work, but could suffer due to the sheer length. Talk about being bored out of your mind….

My suggestion then would be a twofold approach; One, offer the public the ability to listen in during the live session and two, have someone jot down a condensed version of the significant points that came up during said meeting. (Actually, if a clerk takes the meeting notes, this is already being done). If the notes were made into a .pdf file, it would be a simple matter to link each summary text to a newsletter whereby each session would be accessible at any time and by anyone.

Just a thought….