Saturday, December 31, 2011

McDonald’s Wholesome Starts Coupon Book

I’m not sure just how wholesome food from McDonald’s actually is, but the promotion is halfway decent, even if you’re a single guy like myself.

 [click to enlarge]

I received a four page coupon book in the mail a few days ago and then took the trouble of digitizing the coupons into a data file. This gives me a visual readout on what’s available and when. I broke the offerings up into five categories including; 1 for 1, drink, kid deal, side and sides. Of these the 1 for 1 represent the best deal in that the food is essentially half price while the last item labeled ‘sides’ comes in a close second as you are getting the fries and the drink together for free. Of the rest of the items, I like most of the ‘side’ offerings with the exception of the oatmeal and OJ. I can see where the ‘kid deal’ would be of interest to some moms and dads, but that would not be for me.

So, if you didn’t get one of these books in the mail, perhaps you can ask for one at the McDonald’s near you. 

Disclaimer: Any material contained in this post is and opinion based on the author's best knowledge.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

John's Frosted Mug under new management?

I've heard rumors flying around that the Frosted Mug, an icon and social gathering place located in Forsyth Missouri, is about to undergo a change in management! That's the word on the street at any rate.

I have graciously been granted an exclusive interview and hopefully I'll have something to post very soon! Stay tuned!

Update: As of late January, I have been unable to hook up with the new manager for whatever reason. Will keep trying.