Sunday, April 25, 2010

Swap Meet at VFW in Forsyth Missouri April 30 and May 1st

This coming Friday and Saturday be sure to stop by the VFW in Forsyth Missouri to take advantage of a swap meet being organized by Ginger Davidson and Bill Bishop. Danomanno will be providing some tunes and there will be a food vendor on site.

Swap meets are a great way to spend some time checking out great deals offered by the vendors who have some really interesting stuff at prices that are well below wholesale. I like these events as friends and neighbors who show up can also catch up on what’s happening and maybe exchange some gossip.

Vendors are needed and the setup fee was only $5 last time I checked - Call (417) 251-1931 for more information.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Forsyth Missouri Swap Meet a Fun Time

I had the opportunity of attending and performing as a DJ at Swap Meet in the VFW parking lot in Forsyth Missouri on Friday and have to say that a better bunch of vendors you could not find. For those of us that enjoy social repartee along with the excitement of finding a good buy, then you must check out this weekly event which airs its wares each Friday and Saturday. The pricing is sharp and goods are fun to browse. This weekend there was a lady named Sarah who even had three adorable puppies up for sale. I was tempted to buy one myself.

Events like Swap Meets are a great way to spend a little bit of the day getting out and maybe even running in to someone you know. If you live close to Forsyth, please stop by and say hi!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Motorcycle Swap Meet in Forsyth Missouri a Success!

By chance, I stumbled onto a really cool swap meet that was held on Sunday, April the18th at the Shadow Rock Park in Forsyth Missouri. Had I gone to the Freedom of the Road Riders page on the Internet, I would have know beforehand about the meet. As it was I got there at about 2PM while everything was still in progress. Admission was $5 and well worth the price. There were vendors there that had some out of this world merchandise that was biker related, of course. I also estimated over 500 motorcycles were parked in the field adjacent to the main vendor area. Some of the motorcycles were works of art in their own right and were eclipsed only by the diversity of clubs that were in attendance.

If you would like to do something different this coming fall, the next event is scheduled for September the 26 in the same spot.

By all accounts, this event was quite successful and a must see next time if you're in the area. See you there!

The Diamondback Band’s Appearance at the Frosted Mug a Grand Success

It was a Saturday night and the joint was jumping at John’s Frosted Mug in Forsyth Missouri where a capacity crowd enjoyed cuts from the newly released album by the Diamondback Band.

The band played for two hours during a special ‘CD Release Party’ that saw many celebrities in attendance including Tommy Overstreet from Branson Missouri. Tommy has entertained people around the world and is known as the ‘King of Countrypolitan’.

A You Tube video on the Danomanno Channel featuring the song ‘Water Under the Bridge’ is now available for viewing.