Friday, February 7, 2020

Mid Winter 2020 Forsyth restaurant news!

Forsyth MO. - Winter is a particularly hard time for many small business owners and especially for restaurants! I mean who wants to go out in crummy weather? At right is an impromptu listing of most of the food emporiums that existed within the city limits of Forsyth Missouri as of this post. Out of the total of twelve, 2 are closed with one re-opening soon.

One of the surprises for me, was the Hong Kong Express which I had avoided even though it had been open for some time. When I entered the venue for the first time, I was struck by two things right off the bat; it was very clean looking and the smell of food were out of this world. I asked for and got a take home men. I then wandered over to the buffet which was very clean with food that looked freshly prepared (the time was 2:30PM when I visited). I also learned from the manager that they have both combo platters and individual selections of beef and chicken dishes.

Everything on the menu looked to cost roughly 7 to 8 dollars, to order as meals, with the cost of the buffet (all you can eat?) unknown to me as I forgot to ask. That situation will be soon corrected when I next go there to actually order some food! The establishment offers a 'Dine In Take Out Drive Thru' range of choices with home delivery being available after a certain hour on meals cost over $10 for just $1.99 (not counting tip). Any interested party can give them a call at 417-546-2424 to verify the above information.  I plan to do a food review on this establishment in the near future and will have a link to that post here. One thing I did take note of was that anything on the menu that had the word 'Hunan' meant that it was spicy or hot! There are also little hot pepper icons next to any dish that could be considered hot.

Two other locations that I hope to visit fairly soon will be the Williams Mountain Pizza venue which I've heard also serves up some great pasta dishes and Yummy Donuts - Both of these will be getting full reviews also.

There was no word on when the former Long Horn Family Dining location was going to reopen other than that its new name was The Family Forsyth Restaurant. Also, the long delayed opening of the Shadowrock Bar and Grill is somewhat of a question mark.

The only other news of any import was the announcement that the Frosted Mug was planning to hold a 35th Anniversary party on April the 2nd. The theme was going to be the 80's with a DJ and specials on food and drinks being planned.

A late breaking rumor had it that Charlie's - the popular restaurant located on Hwy 160 and Y had been sold and was to re-open as a steak house. I had not confirmed this rumor as of yet.

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