Wednesday, August 7, 2019

What's missing regarding restaurant condiments?

I think that most everyone who lives in and around Forsyth Missouri has likely had a chance to  visit one of the many fine sit-down styled restaurants that my small town supports; Long Horn Family Dining, Fat Daddy's, Thrive and Mountain William's Pizza to name a few. All offer a great dining experience and my only, as of late, concern has been with the table condiment selections as of late...

Most venues have the basics always in place at each table; table salt, pepper, sugar and sugar substitutes being the most common. Other venue's table side condiments reflect the food that is served with places like Fat Daddy's also having a nice selection of sauces to go on that shredded pork sandwich or BBQ. But, there is most always something(s) missing, and I wanted to address that point in this post.

Even if unused, these open tubs must be tossed!
The picture above was taken at the Long Horn on the date of this post. Notice that there is no salt substitute or packaged jellies. Whenever I dine out that this venue, I often have to request the jelly and always have to bring my own ' fake salt'. Seriously, in a town with a pretty large population of older persons, you'd think everyone had gotten the message about why per capita salt intake is at record high levels! Likewise, I prefer that the jelly be in sealed packages along with the salt and pepper. Please see my other post on 'The Gross Reason You Should Never Pepper Your Food in Restaurants'!   

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